Celeb-- You won't last 5 seconds edition

Celeb-- You won't last 5 seconds edition

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I've got a good 40 seconds of non stop jerking left in me

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Maybe I can help you

Maybe you can

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My lips wrapped around your pulsating cock as you thrust into my wet throatpussy. Holding the back of my head as you force yourself in to the base of your shaft. Feeling my tongue glide along your shaft and lap the precum off your head. Softly moaning "No homo."

This is like the 7th time this has been posted tonight lmfao get some new material

Literally keked out loud
Maybe if you RPed as a female, this could work better

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Anybody want to lewd on disc?

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Holy shit stroking hard


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She seems like the kind of girl who would really be into pegging

Jesus any more of that cute bush? bout to lose NNN

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I meant of ellie

I never got how shit like this gets leaked. Do you guys take pics of your passports, ids, etc?

Can you elaborate further pls

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some people do quite obviously
and most icloud rips I examined, strictly for science of course, had some pics of either passports or drivers licenses or credit cards or all of the above

added as well

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why would I want to add you?

Do you have the brainpower to read what he replied to?


he replied to a reply to my post
so is he replying to somebody pretending to be me? confusing

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She looks like the type of girl to basically force you into trying pegging then choking you while she roughly pegs you until you pass out multiple times

It appears he replied to someone saying "holy shit stroking hard." What do you think they want to do in discord? Come on now, we're in a celeb thread you should know.

who ?

Holy shit that's hot

I was thinking trading at first
but yeah, you're right that they probably jerk off together like faggots

Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself?

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You replied to that guy as well. You're just the same. It's what this thread is.

just wondering Mr.Seal

She'd also probably spit on your face/in your mouth, choke you harder, then laugh if you asked her to slow down or stop

anybody into ice hockey?

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Thread dead go to bed

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Dude I only got out of bed like half an hour ago

Goddamn user

Get back into fucking bed

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Glad you liked it user, I've got to get the hell to sleep now

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Sweet dreams

You can choose to be a pedo or not user.

Why do we have two celeb threads up

I want to but i got shit to do today my guy


I wasn't asking

wanna snuggle?

This pedo thread or the other thread with Kateanon...

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Not really I'm eating a whole head of lettuce rn

With sweet I mean cara wearing a strapon

t-that's a lot of lettuce

Yea i guess

Ultimate milf fantasy

she's got the perfect body

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No. I have a perfect body.

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God I hope

If thats you, you look like a fucking alien bitch

no, I got the perfect body

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Whoo! thinks was him...!?

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Why must you lie like this user? Is your goal to hurt me?

Nice hairline you sad little bitch


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Bet you wish you could cook like me jealous loser

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I rescind my statement

There are so many celebs who are arguable more attractive, but if I could only fuck one it would be Holly hands down.

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What the fuck even is that beige mess? And nah, my girlfriend cooks for me most of the time, fuck cooking for myself.

Holly is a dream fuck, I bet she's wild in bed

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you have seen the videos of her bating right?

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O.O no..

She has large bum

who is that?

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you better get looking for the full .MOV files then

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Anne Pankowski

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from vola, anyone know who is this?

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Y-yes of course