>all bumps get free life advice

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I’ll bump, but I don’t want any advice from your faggot ass

Sorry, life advice is mandatory
>An apple a day keeps the doctor away, guaranteed.


I like this idea.


>It's important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

>Fibre from fruit and vegetables will help your stomach to work properly.

EA sports: Ea

>Taking small breaks during your work-day will keep you from getting sluggish


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>Meditation can help to combat fatigue and anxiety.


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>eating your own cum tastes really yummy and actually activates parts of your brain that previously were dormant

>Avoid refined sugar, it is generally bad for you, sugar from fruits and grains are better choices


Could I get some advice specifically for eye twitching? BUMP!

>Eye twitching generally suggest electrolyte unbalance caused by low salt levels (most likely sodium or potassium, but maybe even magnesium or calcium). Try a refreshing Gatorade or some milk and a few bananas.

Also how to live forever?

>Keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, having a good sleep routine and using drugs in moderation generally promotes longer, healthier lives.


>Moderate exercise helps to keep a healthy body composition.


>A quick walk outside will clear your mind and promote well-being.

idk if u answer to qs or give out random advice.
im a 26yr old problem gambler, im broke, i have 4 exams left to pass before i get my bachelors, i don't work, i live in my parents apartment(they moved out), and my life is generally fucking shit. how to imrpove?

>Stop gambling and find a work preferably in your professional-area to improve money status, pass last exams to get bachelor, then most of your other problems will fall into place.

should i prep for shtf?

>Prepping for shtf is like wiping before you shit.

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>Fish is a healthy alternative to red meat, just make sure it's caught in an eco-friendly way.

should we associate with blacks jews or homosexuals outside of necessary business associations?

Bump, any advice on how to have a healthy sex life without the hassle of relationships?

>Every human-connection has its own pros and cons, make sure the pros outweigh the cons.

>'Healthy' in this context is relative. It is difficult to maintain a sex-only situation with a permanent person. Relationships are only hassle if it is the wrong person, a relationship founded on love and trust will conquer all.

should we quit porn?

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Bumping then. Got attacked by a stray cat yesterday and cant afford the shot (3 grand where I live). Am I dead?

>Moderation is key. Porn and masturbation is part of any healthy lifestyle.

>Small amounts of alcohol can be important for people over the age of 40 to maintain heart-health.

>If you've been hurt, keep the wound clean and maintain a good well balanced diet, and let your body do the healing.

But doesn't rabies kill people like 100% fatality rate or some shit

Stray cat does not carry rabies.

wow rabies pwnz

Cant it? I'm pretty sure they can.
Yeah man that's why you gotta put ol' yeller down. Shit is serious


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>Remember to take good care of your skin, it is your first layer of protection from the outside world.

>Warm tea will help reduce the throat-pain associated with having a cold.


>Porridge is an excellent breakfast food: warm, nutritious and filled with fibre, which will keep you full for longer.

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>Regularly brushing your teeth can save you thousands of dollars in future damages.

>SKRUBbing your skin while showering will keep it healthy and lustrous.