Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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3/10? sorry I can't even tell if it's hard

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10/10 would suck. Maybe even let you fuck my ass.

10/10 would suck and fuck

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Silly looking bell end, a joke benis


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anyone want my gf to review theirs?

she can rate all the ones in this thread, there are not that many tbh

Yes, have her rate all the ones in thread

Please rate

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> The average penis length is 5.5 inches, anything over 7 is an outlier by 5%

LOL bullshit statsitic, 7 inches is close to average, and sexualy active women (pretty women) find that small.

Sad world we live in.

Snap ThorsHotOne

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recently sharpened pencil/10

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are you retarded or trolling?

9/10 wish the head was rounder and thicker
nice bait
8/10, good thickness and thank you for shaving your balls
9/10 i prefer length to thickness but the most ideal cock has both
8/10, good-lookin, suckable, but please shave
10/10 i can't resist that fucking curve.


Thanks for the 8/10 user

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Snapchat me for a rating of your cock

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Not bait im just little

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is that as covered as it gets?

If thats hard, what does it look like soft?

No, I can pull it up all the way

wanna show that?

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Soraya OPP guerillo contest

Best I can do user

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8/10, can you show it pulled back?

Pretty close to the same size hard and soft. It basically just stiffens and sticks out

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Thats not too big, I hope it serves you well atleast.

No complaints. This is as big as it gets. Girls are nice about it.

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