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Nazi’s are just pompous, strategically inept meth addicts. Suck 10,000 dicks.

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Awwwwwwww anti-nazi gonna cry!!!

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Imagine thinking the Nazis were strategically inept.

Imagine thinking only the German Soldiers used meth, which isn't close to the same thing used as a drug today.

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Cringe thread!

so in 12 years the nazis:
- started a war which destroyed 80% of their own cities and killed 7million of its citizens
- submitted their country to 50 years of foreign occupation
- destroyed the most advanced country in europe and its reputation for generations
- left 1/3 of its traditional territories ethnically cleansed and permanently given to its enemies
- was so arrogant and convinced of its own infallability that it picked a fight with the whole world unnecessarily and couldve totally gotten everything it wanted if it had had better political leadership

yeah fantastic govt dudes. i can see why you idolize that regime. Nice uniforms tho.

Fuck off,Nazi trash

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Strategically VERY inept.
Hitler was a gambling opportunist.

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this. german/american living in south germany here, can confirm.

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ohhhh your widdow feewers are hurt that the mainstream media doesnt like trump? pwecious.

Reporting from Hessen, I confirm. Third Reich was the worst thing that happened to this country.

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>Not answering and not arguing any of user's points
You've been had. Played like a fiddle

I don‘t argue with, or answer questions of chromosome-surpasses.

>he said to himself, while slowly walking away. Somehow he'll come out as the winner in this. Somehow.

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