Would you breed a black woman?

Would you breed a black woman?

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God that is so fucking gross

I meant link to full vid?

I would rather fuck Maria

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Porn addiction. Ugh, When scat/gore porn no longer gets you off, your porn addiction take you to the dark side

I don't know alas. Someone else uploaded it forever ago.

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We Ebony Breeding thread now?

Ebony Breeding thread.

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If its consequence free sure pussy is pussy an i've been on a 1 n half long dry spell i just don't want to pay even more child support

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With a black stud solely for the purpose of creating more slaves.

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What a magnificent chocolate creature.

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My choice "breeding cow".

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God, I love these threads so. They bring such a simple urge in me: the urge to breed.

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I would. I'll nut in pretty much anyone.

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Do you mean fuck, or do you actually mean creating offspring?

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Up to you.

Black tits are generally bigger and better.

the real queens

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to implant your seed in a woman there is nothing more satisfying

You arent living till you've experienced a black girl vacuum your dick

Without a second thought

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I got a blowjob at 14 by a black girl, no blowjob has ever come close to being that good

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Yeah I’d fuck that slut

Anyone who wouldn't fuck her is a faggot

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I have. I will again.

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I would OP, but most of them time out after 30. I can't stand fat bitches. I don't mean slightly weighted girls. I mean fat bitches.

Black girls covered in coconut oil is the best thing to ever happen on this planet

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