Another mass shooting in America. When will it end?

Another mass shooting in America. When will it end?

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When there are no americans left

Who cares

It won't end, you could decrease it but as long as human nature persists there will be those who murder however I assume you weren't looking for a real answer because this is /b so orange man don't ban the pew pew

Would you deprive the world of the only way we can see amerilards actually kill amongst themselves? Literally 0 flaws in that, the only good amerifat is a dead one, and even if the shooter survives he's kinda doing god's work.
Have you 0 soul? Mind your fucking business, fatso. Let em die, the more the better.

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It won't end. There is simply no amount of bloodshed that will ever convince Americans to give you their guns. Even if a man went into a hospital and shot 40 newborn's it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference.


Ironic considering how the past 2 mass shootings have happened in California, a state notorious for its restrictive gun control laws

Doesn't matter, the country is awash in guns. You can easily buy one in a neighboring state and bring it with you anywhere you want.

They were all Asians, for some reason

That’s kind of their point. Even with restricted gun laws in California, people are still pulling it off when generally more gun laws are the “call to action.”

I didn't know isis member lurked Sup Forums

Good point. Between the mass shootings and horrible healthcare system, the USA is now a 3rd world country. As such, we will not be accepting any more refugees into such a dangerous environment.

LOL one day before this shooting same state:

and two days before was the asian school shooter again same state

americans are fat

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deportations are way down under president dump compared to obama. stay fat.

It's just Californians, guy. It's not like anything of value was lost. Frankly, if you offed the whole state you'd be doing America a fucking favor.

Commie fag larper detected

>notorious for its restrictive gun control laws
Unless they are illegal and you are arrested for possession, people will get shot. On the regular.

Another crime committed in (insert country here)! When will it end?

California isn’t America.

And if they are illegal and you arrested for possession, people will be helpless victims. Always.

All niggers, so who cares.

Take the black population out of the equation and mass shootings are rare.

Take the latino community away, and mass shooting almost never happen.

Take the sensationalist, race baiting, media out of the situation and one realizes that this shit happens all over the world and least of all in the country with all the guns.

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I guess since we did elect a cheeto who's foreign policy is basically "fuck y'all. me first (and America too I guess)" it's only fair the rest of the world sit back and watch our faggotry

most mass shooters are white though?

Sure, but most of the country is white and the acts are rare, rare, rare.

The media over hypes it.

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Only if you remove perpetrators of gang violence from consideration.

>Doesn't matter, the country is awash in guns. You can easily buy one in a neighboring state and bring it with you anywhere you want.
Not legally

sure white commit most mass shootings?
sure if you remove minorities and have only whites there will be less mass shootings?

this is either a paradox or you are implying whites commit mass shootings because there are minorities around them.
geez, bro.

It's almost like criminals don't obey laws or something.

>if only they had stricter gun laws

No, there was something like 400 incidents this year that meet the critetia for a mass/school shooting. Especially since the criteria was reduced down to 4 people involved in the incident. Not just who were shot, who were involved. We only heard about the 19+ that had a white guy do it. 90% is just black on black violence that happens near a school.

I think it's reasonable to consider gang violence in a different category. after all I imagine you consider minorities a different category, possibly even from human. anyhow, no one gives a fuck if gang bangers get banged. people do give a shit when some unhinged fruit loop goes all gat on innocent people they don't even know

Oh no. Ten people out of the several billion on the planet. Guess I better give a damn.

It'll end when the group behind all our problems succeeds in completely taking over. We'll live in our gilded cages, likely with high-fidelity VR to replace much of our social lives. The world will be run by these extremely powerful people, all of us plebs will be trapped in without any way to get any power back, kept as essentially 'pets' of the elite.

like 1984 but with a prettier cage society.

We're all fucked.

I like how when some big nogs block party gets shot up it's a "mass shooting" now. Chicago had 75 mass shootings this weekend... lmfao

If you consider gang violence in a different category, then gun murder is exceedingly rare in the US.

So you are telling me gun control doesn’t work?


You're adorably naive


Mass shooters are mass shooters

when whites commit mass shootings it's all over the media, when non whites commit mass shootings it's chopped up to niggas gonna nig on the local news....

You'd give a fuck if those 10 were friends of yours or family members. But, fuck it, you're alright Jack.

He's wrong about the cause, but he isn't far off about the outcome. Power seeks power. They want a ruling class with all the power and an unarmed servant class with none.

well that sounds like numbers play to me. who reduced the number down to 4 involved? I very seriously want to know

>you'd care if it directly affected you

You must be some kind of high intellect user to come to that conclusion.

No shit.

Strange how someone protecting their family with a gun rarely makes national news. Hmmmm...

We need the tinfoil for baked potatoes. Stop wasting it.

Asians though
kinda odd
that's all

No. What I am saying is that mass shootings are VERY rare and OVERHYPED. Even in the white community that has a proportional rate of mass shootings. There are some communities with even LOWER rates. The Asian and Native American Indian communities. There is one community that has more mass shooters per capita though. Any guesses?

>things with historical and contemporary precedent can't possibly happen here, that's crazy talk
Wew lad

define "exceedingly rare"

Negros. What do I win?

>gang related violence in LA
yep, gun laws sure would've prevented this one


The title racist.

Yes yes you're a lunatic and you've seen all the signs of the coming apocalypse. Now go play with your legos and work on your proxy


>Jose Valdivia
>Sabrina Rosario

You're a retard if you can look at history and say "Nope, a small group of people seizing absolute power just can't happen. Nuh uh, lalala can't hear you!"

>ur a big mean racist

What accounts for less than half but also more than half?

The stats don't match the rhetoric. Go and see. Keep this in mind. Per capita whites should be committing around 66% of these crimes. Keep in mind definitions, mass shootings have a very specific definition absent motive.

Pic Related.

I bet you remember the white people more than the non-whites. Why is that?

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>very rare and overhyped
bitch, I live in colorado.
columbine was a stones throw from my high school.

I like muh guns too but this shit is getting old. we need to grow the fuck up and talk like adults and figure this shit out
>inb4 autistic shilling

What accounts for less that 13% but also more than half?

>ur just a stupid

These are wildly different times than whatever historical event you seem to refer to. Try to keep that in mind as you build your panic room.

No one talks anymore. That's not the political climate we're at. If you're not with X you're the enemy, is the current way of operating.

>something that happened before I was born and never again in my area is reason to ban all guns

see and fuck off back to your liberal containment site (ie Reddit)

>the source is /k/

Nigga it is still happening in the world today. If anything the changing times just enable it to happen even easier.

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Can you give some examples or are you just gonna start talking to me like a nigger and make me not wanna associate with you even more?

>Go and see
nah, nigga. you made thw claim you unload the links

It's just racism and inequality. They was good boys. Dey dindu nuffin

burden of proof is on you, my friend

Venezuela today. All sorts of communist countries in the past century.

then I'm an idiot for holding out
still better than the autistic screech from both sides. case in point >class of 2002 ftw!

>bitch, I live in colorado.

Anecdotal. Discarded. It is useless to make a point because you live in a state where something bad happened once a generation ago.

You like your guns? Great, keep on keeping on. Just learn how rare these events despite the guns and ammo available to the US citizen. Don't let media hype make you think that mass shooters are running rampant. Also realize that the phenomenon will end when the underlying causes end.

Mass killings occur in places where there is perceived wealth disparity. It's about status and wealth. And when I say wealth I mean all forms of wealth, not just the monetary value. In the case of the lone gunman, he is a guy, OR GAL, who feels like he has been sidelined by society. He can't get what everyone else seems to have and it is a personal slight against him personally.

How do you stop a guy like that? Compassion, support, education. Good luck selling that to people, including people in the business of providing these things.

fuck off boomer, go watch some more disney+ and suck down that soylent shake

Someone already dropped them on this thread bruh, go and see.

>communist countries

So. Your fear is based on countries using a broken system of government? You realize communism is on the downtrend don't ya? Russians, mainland Chinese. They're getting tired of it. Now granted the state run news won't show anything regarding these individuals who want change but they are there.

I is talking out of my ass and have no proof to back up my shit but Imma sound like I'm keen anyway

Boomers aren't special snowflake millennials. Holy shit the world is upside down.

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>class of 2002
columbine happened while you were in elementary, more than half a generation older than you, it's irrelevant. that is like me talking about 9/11, which happened when I was in kindergarten

also, fuck off boomer

He's right, your claim is that mass shootings are of the hook and we need to do something about it. Show me this.

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Okay boomer.

>using the term wrong
yikes, I bet you also use the term incel wrong all the time too

>In the case of the lone gunman, he is a guy, OR GAL, who feels like he has been sidelined by society. He can't get what everyone else seems to have and it is a personal slight against him personally.
there you go
to unidentified a disenfranchised segment and made the link.
why do those people feel the way they do? you say perceived. how do you know it's only that and not genuine?

>Your fear is based on countries using a broken system of government?
No, my fear is based on the fact that these guys were able to assume power in the first place. The precise form of government involved doesn't really matter, whether it's communism or a military junta. What matters is that a small group seized control over a large group, often after that group has been disarmed "for their own safety"

>do you even meme on my level?

No one is quite as autistic as you.

Bitch, I’m black.

There is no doubt that negro communities have more shootings than other races. It’s a fact.

>doesn't understand the term meme either
oof, should probably go back to your safespace (ie reddit)

uh huh. I appreciate your examples of autistic screeching to go along with my post but I think most everyone here knows autism by now.

How long have these countries been communist? Since before either of us were born? It wasn't like two years ago m8. These countries have been flying red for a long time.

Stop posting. I'm cringing too hard already


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>Even modern history doesn't matter
Venezuela went tyranical in our lifetime.

Riddle me this: if your country's military backed a coup to seize total control, how would you stop it?

bro. ..
try your math out again
if I graduated from high school in 2002 and the shooting at columbine was in 1999 what grade was I in when you were a potato?