Why continue to live ?

why continue to live ?

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got nothing else to do so i might as well.

for lulz

because boobs. dead men can't look at boobs.

and if you're a faggot - and remember: op always is a faggot - dicks. deadfags can't look at dicks.

yes, boobs.

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What's so good about being dead you dumb fuck?



So you can contrive a greater meaning for yourself, however small you might be.

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gonna need sauce . twins?

"Let us simply understand this COULD BE-"

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sauce fuckers???

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What is the sauce here? Who is that? Jesus Christ those are the absolute most perfect tits I've ever seen.

becuse afterlife in not batter
>stage 1: life on earth (the big test) thin death
>stage 2:life in Spiritual form in Spiritual place called BURZAQ "everything will be crystal clear you will remember the Promise that you made to the the creator and if you did good in life you will be in a good place and if you did bad you will be punished until judgement day come many wish to go back to fix their mistakes or do even more good deeds some even ask to let them at least go back to life to give Warning to their love ones.
>stage 3:judgement day and that is one big day
The soul and the body will reunite once and for all
>So scary and terrifying that no one speaks for forty years after its creation
everything will be replaced the sky is so terrifying the ground is smooth surface white color and we all surrounded by huge angels Layers after Layers of them each Layers is bigger thin the one before after 40 years we only start to whispers to each other after many more years we all starting to freaked out from the Shock and thin the judgement will start
we all will see these:
-your own Flying books "your life actions all the good and the bad"
-The appearance of hell
-the Pan Balance
>Everyone will fall on his knees

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>boobs + pussy
these days traps can have boobs

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Do you really believe that retared shit? All life returns back to the sweet sweet void only to return as something else


i hate going on cb for this very reason, i expect slags and sluts, not qts