Uh, Yes they can!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Uh, Yes they can!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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over 1000 days over Trump Derangement Syndrome now.
Not matter if he is re-elected or not, you people are scarred forever.

Trump is fucking great and has the potential to be the Best President Ever.

Stop crying so hard, libtards, get with the program, go suck your non-binary boyfriends cock and smoke some dope and let all us grownups take care of the country. #MAGA, bitches.

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Let what happen to him? Context?

i can't wait for him to lose. not because i give a shit about him, i just like watching the left and the right take turns at being autistic screeching cunts. the left are more triggered with trump now than they were at bush jr. once trump loses, the right will be doubly triggered. think how butthurt they were over obama, now double it. i can't wait.

He endorsed the election of some republican state official, and that official lost to a democrat by like a few thousand votes. They redid the election and the democrat won again by a far larger margin, or something along those lines.

"If he loses the media is going to use that against me. You can't let that happen to me!"

I agree, trump has scarred the republican party permanently and may even cause it to break up.

You're aactually retarded if you don't see this in the Democratic Party


Whatabout-ism. But, also true. There is a big swing between corporate dems like Hillary and Biden vs Bernie, and Warren who is basically stealing and riding on all of Bernies ideas.

>the potential to be the Best President Ever
Lol sure, the "potential". Just need to give him another term and maybe change the rules for another after that, just keep giving him chances and some day over the rainbow he'll be great and lock up obummer and killary and deport the illegals and build the wall and fix healthcare and the middle East and north Korea and international trade and stop just being a buttboy whorefor Israel, the Saudis, and really just anyone who will throw cash his desperate thirsty way.

The joke is you can't see it in republicans too.

That is actually a very sad and pathetic story

actual triggered lib

even discussing bernie and warren like theyre real candidates still...holy fucking delusional liberals... LOL

A true republican protects criminals from the law! If you don't defend criminals you are a libtard. Fuck american laws, The president should be the only law anyway. All hail republican president Trump.

if you're over 30 and still liberal, do you think there's any hope of maturity?

BTFO'd again. If the fat moron could just keep his mouth shut he'd look less retarded

>A true republican protects criminals from the law!
Unless they are criminals themselves.

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For you? Not a chance. You will be a braindead republicuck for the rest of your pathetic life. At least you see more criminal republicans being locked up. You dont understand why, but that never stopped you right?

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How was failing high school retard? Bet you were still the smartest in your inbred family.

triggered trumptards kek pathetic.

>the libcucks retorted, as they eagerly eyed each other's assholes

>trumptard still trying ;^)
sit down faggot

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I got one point for you "28004.9". You are way too fucking stupid to know what that is. Have fun whining about corporate greed from your mom's basement.

>Trump is a criminal
Whys that?
>If you dont know youre redneck, gun crazed, trailer trash.
Just like I thought you have nothing.

>trumptard misrepresents post then replies to own dumb sperge in tard brain
>seething this hard
why so dishonest?

>Pink haired, often enraged, tranny loving libpuppet cant figure out the meaning behind a meme.
>Everyone who disagrees with me is wrong.
Go back to elementary school kid this site is for 18 and older.

>still grasping at own tard brain.
aww cute still trying ;^) kys faggot