Okay Sup Forumsros let's spy on random people's MEGA accounts and try to find nudes or weird stuff

Okay Sup Forumsros let's spy on random people's MEGA accounts and try to find nudes or weird stuff.

volafile org/r/134bhhh1c

Those are the 1000 or so first accounts of my 43k list, my software is currently running them so I'll post new accs every 30mns or so.

Search for "Camera Uploads" because this means they linked their account to their phone and whatever picture they take ends up in this folder.

Pic related, the account is [email protected]:p3x74700 and there are lots of nudes of her on the account. Will dump some of them to get the thread started.

Also obviously don't try to download any .zip or .rar shit, those are just trojans put there by those who hacked the accounts.

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Other urls found in this thread:


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[email protected]:junior1456495
[email protected]:Falubaz1971
[email protected]:vanesa74
[email protected]:orbita
[email protected]:Noviembre2000
[email protected]:t7cvbf7hfyE
[email protected]:irxleben
[email protected]:chinito1
[email protected]:microstar

Some more accounts for you to check out and to prove I'm not full of shit

Dont tell me what to do


Will post the next list of accounts when the file reaches 10mb size, happy hunting Sup Forumsros

Current file size is 3.6MB

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just constantly says incorrect password, does gmail have protection against hackers if i try to sign into to many accounts too fast?

Those are all 100% working MEGA accounts, don't try to use the logins anywhere else.

Working through em OP.
Thanks for the dumps. Nothing decent yet...

Is there a way to find a specific persons account?

It takes some time at first, but then you learn to recognize which accounts have potential or not.

Remember to ctrl F the .txt for "Camera Uploads" so you only try accounts who've had a phone linked to them. Makes the hunt easier :)

Unless they're in the dump, I'm afraid not.

How did you come across this 43k list?

[email protected]:v0i6mru5

To save you some trouble

Found it on nulled(dot)to

Nice user.
Any other wins anyone found?

Disgusting. Someone email him & blackmail :)

Holy shit, this dude has child porn! What the fuck?!

Shit works!

questionable contents... no click.

Of course it works :)

For the pedo content yeah, sometimes you stumble upon some sick accounts...

The vola room has been closed and I'm banned from uploading, just when I was about to upload the next batch of accounts.

Anyone got an alternative ?

How do you think they ended up there?

Vola is closed.. Open another?


I don't really know, DB leaks or massive phishing I guess ?

Since some passwords are kinda complicated, I don't think bruteforce was used there.

Upload on imig

Lol that's fucked up

Gives me 500 Internal Server Error
Only works for images or videos

I'm trying anonfiles but it doesn't work neither

Here some I found on the first address

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[email protected]:334serg25

has a ton of videos, but pretty sure they're all just rips from cam girl shows.


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>Since some passwords are kinda complicated, I don't think bruteforce was used there.


nervous sweating, so any protonmail accs?

you on kik?

You can't bruteforce passwords like "k9202787227", that's what I mean.

Okay guys I uploaded the files on zippyshare, here's the batch in the first post of the thread : www95 zippyshare com/v/HDcYgE8j/file.html

And here is the new batch : www88 zippyshare com/v/su5rTKON/file.html

Nope sorry, but I just posted the new links :)

Don't get how you open them

403 forbiden

>You can't bruteforce passwords like "k9202787227", that's what I mean.

Assuming that my mate's password for his MEGA, does that mean that it'll be extremely hard to get into it using this software?

Check the new links posted above, the vola room has been closed by a mod.

I mean I don't know how to open the emails
Its through Mega?

My software only takes a list of email:password lines and then checks the files that are on the account so I don't bother with trying every account without knowing what kind of stuff there is in it.
It doesn't hack people's mega, I just put an already existing leak of accounts into it.

Just check your email on haveibeenpwned and you'll know if your infos have leaked somewhere or not.

now that's a dirty butterface wife

Yes, those are MEGA accounts.

Some of my other wins for you guys :

[email protected]:pretinho2612
[email protected]:k9202787227
[email protected]:sydney0819
[email protected]:Poslednjilet1
[email protected]:Culmano7

Zippyshare com only shows 403 forbidden

ones like culmano seem juicy

More wins

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Are you sure ? I just checked and they work for me. Don't forget the "www81" part

Same girl I think

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Volafile keeps getting deleted
anonfile com/5fyae7Bdnc/megacrack_rar

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Looks like he was around for the fappening

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OP is not a faggot on this day

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