Since Sup Forums is full of neet...

Since Sup Forums is full of neet, i guess some of you have looked into how to make some money without doing an actual job?

I'm into flipping (reselling) and dropshipping (not currently), and i'm looking for people with similar interrest to join this new server


Dropshipping does require some money, lot of time, and some knowledg, but. Flipping can be started in a few minutes if you already have stuff to sell.

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Used to flip stuff on graiglist, good way to double/triple some of your money.

Used to go out and give hand/hand, not sending stuff tho.

I've been a landlord for many years now. It's a perfect situation for a NEET

Ha'd to hand work well but it limit you on the number of sales, sadly.

I want to try sending products someday.

Depend if you pay your own rent or have a house, or live with parents.

I assume renting a house while having to pay your own bills isnt that great

Actually, there are some semi-famous real estate guys that advocate renting and being a landlord at the same time. The reasons are more complicated than I can get into here, but many strategies can work if done correctly.

I’ve been trying to start something like that, but haven’t done the first move. Mind share some ideas?

In the us?
I'm from france and ive hear some people used this technic to pay a part of their own rent

Yes, I can only speak about the US (and a bit about Canada)

But, even if you just rent the home you live in, you can get short-term tenants in the bedrooms to ease your financial burden.

Personally, I always say that owning your own home is a good move, but that's more of a "religious" argument in real estate circles.

At any rate, your main goal is to have your rental income cover your basic living expenses so your work income is funneled 100% into new investments.

i'd say the less risky and less money consuming from thos two option is flipping.

basicaly buy low sell high.

lot of people buy used stuff for low price and resell it higher, i personaly buy brand new stuff from sources that are extra cheap and resell them.

also if you want you can joni the server

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Id love to do that but i doubt i'll ever be able to lmao

Thanks for the explanations man

Never say never. And remember that real estate is far from the only technique to get financially free.

But the main thing is to be able to save money. The number of years it'll take you to go NEET is almost *completely* dependent on how much of your income (percentage-wise) you can save each year.

But what kinda stuff work well?

I can get behind the buy low sell high idea, but you need stuff you're 99% sure to resell at a better price, fast enough to not clutter your storage, and with a decent profit margin.

Also, second frenchanon in this thread, lol

Well, as I’ve understood from where I used to work, the minimum amount you want to get to maintain growing profit it’s about 33%. I don’t recall how the owner of the shop (it was a custom furniture shop) came to this number but taking it to what I once learned from a guy when I was studying architecture he asked us to consider when renting never spend more that 30% of your income in rent. So, spending 30% or more from what you have is a mistake and winning 33% over retailed suggested price good!

Also, I’ve never used discord.
Let me see.
Also, I’m not from US so what I’ve learned and just described it’s not global economics

My parent do this. Been learning it throughout the years. Depending on how many houses you own you can make bank.

my gf's parents do this too. Those guys are loaded, and they make a lot.
They're always berating their daughter for not working while they make an easy $6-7 k a month just by renting apartments.

rejoins le discord lol

i get most of my stuff from aliexpress (but thats because ive been ordering personal stuff there for years), checking the best selling intem in some category can help you see what would be easy to sell.

also if you have a fake facebook account, you can try to take the product picsz and put them on the marketpalce for a certain price and see how many messages you get.

thats a good way to check if reselling a product could be worth it or not.

I mean, yes of course you can make money but don’t have to think about housing that much. There’s in warehouses and lots to rent. For example, clients of mine usually rent to car companies to build their reselling facilities. There’s money in parking lots too. I haven’t made much profit working with these people, Since I’ve found that these rich people are too cheap and they bargain a lot. I guess that’s what that makes them rich, they don’t want to lose money. Anyways, I’ve learned a lot from what they told me and what I saw.

when i list my stuff on marketplace/local reselling sites, i try to sell at least 3 time what i paid the product.

for exemple i've listed women watches this morning for 15€, knowing that some people will try to get the price down.
i paid them 3€, and will sell them hand to hand at a place 5 minutes by walk from my house: so anywhere from 10-15 is good for me.

no problems :)

ca ira merci, j'ai pas specialement envie de vraiment me lancer la-dedans.

Aliexpress stuff is super cheap, but you can't expect to resell it that high. You would have to go through a lot of resales to make a decent profit.

see it depends on what you chose to sell, i avoid clothing and shoes because sizes sucks and materials are trash sometimes.

accessories, jewels, bags... these are good things to check