When did DC fans accept this stupid cunt-version of Harley Quinn?

When did DC fans accept this stupid cunt-version of Harley Quinn?
>fucking why

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i mean im not a DC fan really or a comic book fan in general, but i think she was pretty much the highlight of that movie no? cool aesthetic anyway. and imo, pretty good comedic releaf

Cause shes sexy as fuck and a total whore

>watching DC movies because muh dick says so

Only reason i watched suicide squad

what joke your life must be

What do you think she's supposed to be like?

> i am easily manipulated incel that pays to watch movies if they have barely dressed girls in it

Sup Forums in a post, holy fuck

more like im a pervert who watched a shitty movie for free off someone elses netflix account because margot robbie makes me horny.

She's never been a cunt, she didn't need to be a cunt in order to get what she wanted

How exactly is she a 'cunt'?

Have you tried this new thing called *PORN* ?

Because DC’s fan base has a simplistic view of women, so they really have to put the main traits they’re trying to get across forward.

Never heard of it

Maybe you can still be saved then.

This one wasn't bad. The new one looks fucking horrible though.

>Assuming the people that fap to this give two shits about DC whatsoever

>watching lego DC
>harley quinn is some twit who can't even form proper sentences
>talks with a shitty new jersey accent

the only Harley Quinn is the one from the 1995 (or w/e) cartoon. she was a fucking psychologist, joker didn't make her an idiot, she just has stockholm syndrome and biological clock issues (like all women)

Harley had a TV show at one point.

assuming that anyone who consumes comic book fucktard stories as not automatically being "dtupid cunts"

Easy on the edge fellas I almost cut myself... She was a decent slutty portrayal of Harley in a shitty movie was all

yes she made so much sense on a team of super powered meta humans. she does what? shows a lot of skin. kys