Just bought this one:


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thread was 404 yesterday. manifeste yourselves fags !

Was there yesterday my man

>There are dozens of dolls in the website
>OP goes for the choker slut

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Please be aware, this is a blatant shill post for a scam website. The website being a scam was established last doll thread, and the OP recreating the original post word for word is evidence off shilling.

If you actually want to buy a doll, buy one from an authorized reseller, not a blatant scam like OP's website.

Stop this bullshit ffs, the company is registered as a legal society in France. Make your own research before posting shit

WTF is this shit? Looks like a midget action figure

Aint got no dough for a decent one lmao

OP works for the company he is shilling for. Anybody who buys anything from this website will, at best, get an extremely low quality hunk of rubber that looks nothing like the photographs and, at worst, get nothing at all.

May the buyer beware.

The website is literally posting other companies dolls photographs without crediting them as manufacturers. It is a blatant scam and you should be banned for shilling it.

I ordered an AF doll from silverdoll and i just got it today, except the product info says entity doll and it didnt come with the same clothing or wig as the one i ordered.


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Most dolls don't come with clothing; even if they're photographed in clothes the clothes aren't included the package unless the listing explicitly says it comes with clothes.

The wig, though, definitely write the vendor.

Also, if you want to talk dolls please make a new thread and let this shill thread die.

Congrats on the doll, though

^^this, OP is shillposting

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i've had sex less than 10 times in my entire life. i have very few friends, and i don't seek women because i don't think i'm capable of loving someone.

i bought a doll and i feel like a massive weight has been lifted. anyone have a similar feel?

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it was so it should have come with everything, ill email the vendor. Pic is my doll, i gotta say i kind of regret spending $1300 on this thing, its heavy as fuck

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Fuck off shill

That's a big oof. Yeah, ordering a doll that is too big and heavy is probably the most common beginner mistake. But, she is pretty, user. You just need too get swole as fuck to be able to handle her.

Definitely email silverdoll on the missing accessories, though. They should be able to sort you out, because like you said it's all right there in the listing.

The one this im confused about is the 'three sexual orifices' bit as there is no open mouth available. I got it with removable vag and it came with one out but it also looks like one is already in there, so maybe thats what they mean. Also seems tough to get this insert in and out.

one user did some analysis and it seems that website is stealing art from other vendors and pretends to sell these dolls (made inhouse) for half the actual price

assume chinese scammer at work

3 orafice is supposed to mean oral, vag, anal. you probably did get an extra insert though.
once you get them out i would reccomend powdering the cavity and outside of the insert to make insertion/removal easier.

AF doll is still kinda a new one for me so im not too sure on them. Since they are having the big sale at the moment it wouldnt surprise me if they are getting a few things like accessories mixed up(wig/clothes). Thesilverdoll is usually pretty good on customer service from what i have heard, so i expect they get back to you but i would give them at least a few days to get it sorted.

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>supposed to mean oral, vag, anal.
This mouth definitely doesnt open though, the booklet also shows an oral passage in the diagram so I'm not really sure whats going on. Part of me thinks they sent the solid breasts as well as they dont feel that hollow or soft but i dont really have a reference point for that.

they should be pretty soft, not soft as the real thing but soft enough to fully squeeze them

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got anymore webms of 4woods dolls?

possibly but i dont know which ones are 4woods and which ones are not

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you should feel the cavity in the back of the tit. it being soft or solid has a bit more to do with that combined with the material than that alone.

i would say try to shine a light or something behind the lips to see if maybe they are just painted sealed(which isnt unusual).

either they are really bad at handling volume increases(due to that sale) or they are a jankey manufacture. not really sure which at the moment as my knowledge of owners on them is small still. one oddball specialty thing was basically a hack job(it was a super niche thing that basically didnt exist otherwise) but the other few full dolls that were ordered evidently were pretty on point so...dunno.

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Yeah mine definitely aren't that soft, I bet they just gave me solid which is a bummer

damn as a non doll owner that is a lot better than I was expecting.

I just got the confirmation today that my doll has been made is is having its final QC chhecks and should get the factory photos tomorrow. Suddenly very anxious...

>having its final QC chhecks

That is the job I want: pre-fucking sex dolls before shipping them of to the incels

your first would also be your final QC check

You might be able to get it replaced on their dime, although i guess it would be a lot of trouble. It's a big purchase though and if you're not happy it might be worth persuing. You could make a fuss on the doll forum if they try to fob you off.

>i guess it would be a lot of trouble
Yeah it seems like it would be a huge hassle, especially if they want me to send this one back. I'll follow up with them and see what they say

It always seems to be women working in the factories for these dolls, so i'd be all for that.

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