Loneliness thread

Loneliness thread

Lonely people: vent about your feelings. (Females need not apply.)
Everyone: support the people above.

If you feel love starved, come tell us about it, maybe we can make you feel better.

This is a thread meant to cultivate happiness, please leave name calling and being unpleasant at the door, thanks.

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I'm just a loser. I think i care more about how shitty my income is than how lonely I am.

I work 10 hour shifts 6 days a week at work and walk and hour there in the morning and an hour back. Get met with an empty house in the evenings and nobody to meet because I alienated myself through my work hours. Fucking feels bad
Lonely shit man

Hang in there bud. I have long shifts too. I tried another job last week and it was better hours, but worse in every other way so I went back to my same job.

My job pays me too much to leave, I'm in so much debt that if I found somewhere else I'd have to declare bankruptcy

I've always been lonely. Maybe cause I'm fat, down right poor and uninteresting.
I kinda miss my childhood doe. Everything used to be so much brighter back then.

I wish I was better at maintaining friendships, I rarely talk to anybody I made pretty good friends in highschool but never went anywhere with it. I even met a few girls but never went anywhere with it and outside of relatives I've not talked to a girl in legit years.

ive always been lonely more so after i left school had a few failed relationships getting to the point where i wonder whats the point of trying anymore.The thing that pisses me off is that being a guy the decks stacked aginst us men i mean all a women needs to do is look good and she's pretty much guarenteed to have luck but if people like my self being a bit different means i just get messed with its fucked and the worst bit is if you ever call them out on their behavior you get called sexist bigot ect

It'll never be the same as what you had, but it's never too late to turn things around and make it all good again.

I'm somewhat convinced that ill stay lonely until i go to uni because i need to meet new people

Why the picture tho? Doesn't that make you feel more lonely?

That’s your fault

ive reached the same conclusion im quickly getting to the point of giving up on physical human contact altogether the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Sorry to say this but from my experience, going to uni doesn't make people come and socialize with you. It's still the same shit.

Yeah, true. Still feels bad man

I lost most of my friends lately and I am happy about it. People its too selfish. Now I got time to concentrate in my proyects.
I truely think a man dont need more than 1 or 2 friends to talk once a month. Less is more.

Women aren't everything. Ever thought of learning a new skill to boost your income?

It's not good to focus on thoughts like that. Maybe stop thinking of women for a bit, they really aren't the holy grail most men seem to think they are. Being pissed off at the fact women get more attention than men is pointless and will only lead to more sadness and frustration. Things are like this for a reason, and it's nobody's fault, so why be angry about it?

Yeah, uni won't really change anything, I'd say. But you can always change yourself!

Not really. It fuels my imagination, which is the way I have to cope with my loneliness. Maybe I should've picked something a little more tame, though, hah.

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>Women aren't everything. Ever thought of learning a new skill to boost your income?

I try. It aint women, it is simply that I make barely enough money. I think about becoming a lube tech again so I can maybe move up and learn more, but even mechanics make pretty shitty money.

im just sick of not having a woman in my life i know it sounds pathetic but sure i have friends but im missing that little extra if that makes sense to any of you>

>taking advice from a pedophile as to how to be less lonely
yeah no thanks. you know it would be much easier just to kill yourself now rather than die even more alone than you are now; if you are so depraved as to jack off to children

Maybe try something different then, learn something else!

Of course it makes sense, my dude, and that's ok. Remember that women really aren't everything, and that they also come with their fair share of trouble, especially if you're unlucky. Keep working on yourself, and you'll be happy, with or without a woman in your life.

You can vent anyway, others can try to help you as well, it's not just me. Also, I don't really give advice, I just give kind words, support and a try to make you look at things differently from time to time, that's all I can hope to do, given I'm more than a little lonely myself.

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I'm living a lie. I'm a junior in high school, and I make everyone think I drink a lot and my health's really fucked. I act different, and people either find my intimidating or weird. In reality I'm a fucking faggot with daddy issues and a need for social interaction. I don't like living this lie, but I see no reason to quit as it's the only thing that gives attention to me.

TBH im quickly getting to the point where its a real struggle just to get up in the morning cant get work only have pension so saving is out of the question so because of that i dont have anything to look forward to im just existing ie going through the motion if i could just fall asleep and never wake up it would be a gift....im tired of tired of life tired of wading through the bullshit of life im tired of all of it

>a need for social interaction
that's called being a human being
>my health's really fucked
so stop fucking up your health and fix your diet and exercise
Here's my advice to you. Always go to bed at the same time every night. Keep your eyes closed for that whole time ie no phone or computer or tv or anything. Get up at the same time every morning. Do this and drink lots of water and clean your room. Then getting up will be easy. You can make it extra easy by spending 30 minutes before and again after sleep by reciting the Psalms.

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>Females need not apply
Fuck off

that's the thing user i'm too fucking lazy, that or I want to fuck my health to the point where people will actually pay attention to me and not be such dickbags.

i feel like i wake up just to go to work, come home from work just to go to night school. have no friends left and even if i did, there's no time left over after chores and daily responsibilities for any kind of social life. at first keeping busy distracted me but the loneliness has been creeping in.

Hey I've fucked my health up. I pissed blood yesterday for the first time in my life. No idea whats going on. I hate what I do and myself, but I don't stop because I want to die. I want the opposite of attention.

The help of humans is weak and unreliable, the attention of humans is fleeting and unimportant. Seek help from the right arm of the Lord, for it is mighty to save. Seek to divert your own attention to the innocent man, nailed to the cross. Cedar in the forest. Tree in the cone. Cross in the tree. Man in the child. Ask for the bloody mercy of Jesus Christ and be born anew! Your despair will evaporate and leave behind a glorious melancholy, a beautiful sadness, which will glorify the Lord.

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pretty women get attention. ugly women live a life not unlike yours i'd safely wager.

fuck you and fuck religion

Who are you, the one who is fucking himself over needlessly or some other user?

yep, fucking myself over user

Just post without mentioning your gender and they'll never know. loneliness doesn't care what genitalia you have.

Ugly women have it nowhere near as bad as guys. If you're a woman with no self esteem, all you need to do is go on a website like tinder and broadcast yourself, and you'll get males flocking to you. If you trully can't do that, then the only reasonable advice to give is for you to lose weight. A female with a healthy body weight is not going to be alone for long, unless she doesn't even leave their room, or goes for the 10%.

i said ugly, not fat
fat can be fixed
ugly is forever

Okay, why do you say fuck me? I'm offering solutions to help you. You don't like that solution I proposed, fine, let's find another one. You don't have to tell me to fuck off, that's rude. Do you want help or not?

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I don't want help, I want pity. That's simply who i am, if you wont pity me then fuck off.

what caliber of males though? being fucked and discarded by randos is probably very lonely too. you can be lonely at the center of an orgy user. true happiness and worthy companionship is elusive.

You'd have to be terminally ugly to be alone, that's what I meant, there's always going to be someone desperate enough to take in a healthy looking female with a peculiar face.

I don't think he was telling you to fuck off.

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and thats the problem even ugly women can get some attention ect but if youre a guy and not 6 foot tall make alot of money or be in the top 10% youre fucked you might as well be invisible

Same I am fat and poor and miss my childhood because that is the last time I felt happy before my depression started hitting when I was 12.

We're talking about touch starved males, not women who get fucked by a million dudes and still feel lonely. I'm sorry, that's just not the target demographic here.

You're pathetic. Where are your balls dude? Are you going to sulk and act emo for your whole life? You can either be a man, pick up your Cross and walk in life and light, or sit in the darkness and mope, compounding your own negativity and depressiveness. When you have the choice (and you do have the choice) why would you purposefully choose misery? I've been there, friend, and joy is much preferable. I can say that from long experience.

My fuck buddy just called things off last night, which really sucks because she was practically the only girl that would give me the time of day. I didn’t just enjoy the sex, but genuinely laughing with her and taking her out to do stuff. She broke things off with no explanation.

Plus we had a super hot ddlg thing going on. Atleast I have fappable memories....


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80% of women go for the top 20% of guys and if they can't get that they would rather be alone with a cat or give up and look for betabux in their 30s after their looks have completely faded.

Don't turn this into a woman hate thread, please.

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You're right user, being a depressing faggot for the rest of my life sounds gay. What ways can I help myself other than turning into a brainwashed cult fag?

its not hating on women its the facts

Why do you think I am a brainwashed cult fag? I was raised in an atheist house and taught to interpret everything reasonably and logically. When I was an adult I chose to be baptized by my own volition.

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That’s what I’m trying to tell myself, man. But unlike other fuck buddies ive had I actually felt a strong connection in a platonic way. The sex was just extra.

She accused me of fucking her without a condom (which is bullshit) and forcing her to do shit when we were also in a bdsm relationship. How the fuck does that compute?

mention women once, especially that their lives aren't all Instagram perfect, and watch the spergs start foaming at the mouth. clockwork.

Bitches are crazy, and will lie. Men are also crazy, and will also lie.

who is getting fucked by a million dudes? chicks can be NEETs too you know.

all religions are is a crutch for those who cant handle reality

Ok, just don't feed the flames.

I've seen this movie before and I know where it is going. It's ok to vent, just don't instigate.

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if it breaths its a THOT

I'm not saying you're a brainwashed cult fag, I was saying I don't want to become one.

I was responding to that person who said girls who get fucked can feel lonely to. It's not that I disagree, this thread is just not for that. Also, as I said before, a NEET girl has a lot more chances of finding a partner with a lot less effort than a NEET guy, most times.

The thread is not for women, but it's not a thread against women. If you dislike that you can always make another thread.

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lets be honest women on the whole have it a fuck load easier than men

Okay, I guess I took offense where none was intended. I can propose other things like get a career and a wife and goals etc but really, in my opinion, nothing can truly replace accepting Jesus into your heart. I know you think it sounds hokey and it seems to be at first but it has profound consequences. How about instead of immediately being a brainwashed follower, you just take a baby step and ask Jesus for help? All you need to do is honestly confess your sins to God, humbly ask forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, and ask for the mercy of Christ's sacrifice. Once you have done this, you can replace existential despair in your subconscious with existential joy and hope. As far as I know, nothing can truly displace existential horror except embracing by Jesus and his teachings.

much agreed. women can take life so much easier and relax a lot more than a lot of guys unfortunately. atleast from what ive seen

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I grew up in a house where my mother was a christian and so was my dad, dad left when i was about 13 and my life spiraled down into hell afterwards. Still talked to him but only on weekends, and my mom is still an avid christian and says the same thing, that god will save me and all I have to do is devote myself to him. I tried for a year, life continuously got worse, and I gave up on it. I don't think God saved you, I think devoting your life to faith in a higher power did.

Soo...he...was behind of that

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I miss my small tiddy goth gf. But my big tiddy wife does not.

Goth girls are just hot in general no matter what boob sizes. Both Elvira and Wednesday were hot.

I want to give you some advice. Happiness is about stuggle, and this is something you must come to terms with or you will forever be stuck at the bottom of that dark place. Becoming happy and feeling fulfilled is a matter of being comfortable with suffering, and keeping in mind that anything that'll ever make you happy will cost you comfort. The biggest lie of modern times is the thought that we must spend our lives always being happy and comfortable, but this is not the case, and will inhevitably lead to chemical depression.

You must understand that the stagnation-depression cycle starts with the former, and that that's what you have to attack if you want to trully be happy.

I don't like religion either, you don't need it.

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Im a badly injured drug addict.
>4 years ago get infections to soft tissue & bones in lower legs
>7 surgeries & 2 years later, doctor wants to amputate both lower legs
>I can still walk so I back out
>good decision, wounds start to heal
>2 more years of misery, isolation and pain only barely abated by mass amounts of painkillers pass
>june 1st of this year I go to rehab to get off painkillers/xanax
>get out of rehab, move away from California back to New Mexico
>doctor says my lower legs look good
>I can have skin grafts, can end this nightmare after 4 years, try to set it up
>start socializing with an old friend, through her I meet a girl
>girl and I are doing well, really like eachother
>two weeks ago doctor says I still have residual infection in 1 bone and muscle bed of both legs
>need 6 weeks of antibiotics, surgery delayed
>girl says she got too close to me, things got too serious
>ghosts me, hurts very bad
>I start using opioids again, illegally now
>first girlfriend in 5 years ghosted me because things were going too well and it spooked her, drug addiction back
>mom got cancer, had to put her in a nursing home because I'm too injured to take care of her
>can't work or go to schook until I heal my legs
>I'd been isolating myself for a reason
>girl made me feel good, made me forget that nobody likes an unemployed, half-crippled & badly hurt junky
>I remember now

Should I kill myself? Honestly. I have a high IQ, good social skills and I'm actually really handsome. If I can heal my legs and go back to school/work and cut out the dope I will go back to where I was at when I got sick initially at 22 four years ago as a broke bachelor in college. However, the nightmare has gone on for so long and I'm now so fucked in the head because of it that I'm not sure I'll ever truly be "normal" again. Shouldn't have started dating again in such a bad mental state, and this girl wasn't even "the one" or anything. I'm a wasted shell

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Why would anyone devote themselves to Christianity if it was a lie? You can make far more money and have way more loose sex if you live as an amoral pagan. Being a Christian is expensive and time consuming, and often comes with zero earthly reward for your labor. But we don't expect earthly rewards, we understand the nature of heavenly rewards and work diligently towards such designs.

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I agree entirely. Small tiddy goth gf took dick like a champ

I was super lonely and never was motivated to try dating.

Almost killed myself a few years ago because I had lost contact with all my friends and every day was nothing but work and video games.

Eventually got over that and began to come out of my shell again and make friends. Not long after I was trying to keep my eyes open for Girls that I found attractive. None looked appealing enough, but some guys did. Kept noticing good looking guys more and more, soon realize I found one of my friends attractive.

Ended up getting baked with him one night and came onto him. He seemed to reciprocate and I sucked his dick. We kindof kept up a friends with benefits thing, but I started actually dating other guys now that I finally admitted to myself I was a fag. Currently in my first monogomous relationship, hoping for the best, but prepaired for the worst.

Not implying any of you guys are fags, but who knows what life will throw at you.

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its not worth it user. look at anyone who ever attempted to commit suicide and how much they regret it, how scared they felt. if you say you have these traits of a high IQ, good social skills and handsome body, then dont let it go to waste. dont worry about that ghosting bitch, her loss. take up some therapy sessions if you can, go out and socialize at bars or other places. go on tinder and hook up with some better chicks. theres always going to be someone out there for you.

hope the relationship goes well user. try not to focus on any negative things that may happen, and enjoy what you have right now.

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If you commit suicide you will end up in hell. It's not fun. Don't go to hell. Don't commit suicide.

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As a preface I'm bi not a woman. But my boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago and had ghosted me two weeks before that. He told me he still loved me but the distance (since I'm going to a different college than him) and his absence of time just got to him and he couldnt be with me anymore. The next thing a know two weeks after he dumps me he tells me he is engaged and actually putting effort into that relationship.. we were gunna get married, try to build a life together, we are 1.9 years deep in the relationship. Our anniversary would have been in 6 days. He keeps telling me things about hes trying better with this relationship and that hes sorry he didnt put that into us. And the moment i think im over him he texts me again to update and hurt me more. And i want to be around him and I know blocking him is the answer but god it fucking hurts I'm tired of hear about him and I just wanna be alone but no one leaves me alone. God I just want out of this shithole of a life or at least to find someone that will make me forget about him

don't be a slut and people won't treat you like a slut

You gotta block him man. You're not giving yourself the time or space needed to heal if he can contact you and wreck your day whenever it suits him. Sucks losing someone you love, and you can unblock him later, but first you need to heal. Once you're in a better headspace it won't bother you when he texts you and you probably won't even care to hear from him by then anyways. That's where I'm at. This girl actually told me she still wants to see me, but I can't do it. Its going to make me feel bad and remind me that I wasn't good enough to be in her life full time. So no matter how much I miss her or how bad I want sex/companionship I'm not going to be able to heal if I let her into my life on just her terms and not terms that suit us both mutually.
Also if you were with him 2 years and engaged and he dumps you because he "can't" anymore but now he's engaged to someone else 2 weeks later and reminds you of that fact, i think you dodged a huge bullet personally

Thank you Hon

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Thank you user, and I know you're right. I know i need him out I know I dodged a bullet and I know I'll be better off without him. I know it takes time but I just want the heartache gone, I want the feelings to be gone and I want to never have met him no matter how happy he made me, no matter how amazing he was. I do think I'm gunna go block him and thank you for your kindness, but if you ever happen to find a genie in a bottle, hit me up so i can make a wish ok?

I'm definitely trying to not think that way. I've been through so much already that at times I feel like there's nothing that can truly break me further because I've already been broken, other times I feel like I'm too broken to have a meaningful life anymore and should just end it.
I'm not in love with this girl and I don't think she was the one for me or anything. I was just starting to think, oh shit, if she actually likes me and thinks I'm worth her time and affection, maybe I'm not this empty husk of the man I was before. Maybe I still have things to offer to the world. Every day that passed with her being thoughtful and sweet to me despite everything going massively badly in my life seemed to confirm the idea that I was still lovable. I got used to thinking that way. I had one good thing going in my life, and now I feel worse than I did before I got with her.
I guess I could take from this experience that I am worth someone's time and affection, just not her time or affection, and eventually someone else will want me. I am smart, funny and handsome. I know that, but those things aren't relevant if you're badly injured and can't even really put yourself out there or live a free and uninhibited life. I'm gunshy now because I feel like any other girl I get with will similarly lose interest (I don't really buy the whole "I got too close to you" shit) and leave me hurting just as we're getting closer.

it's all fun and games until someone you love kills themselves over some stupid bullshit that doesn't matter worth a damn

then the real fun begins
ask your mother
she is loved by none, fugged by all

Seems like kind of thread befitting /r9k/ more than anywhere else.

main problem with me is my ability to see everything and most of people I am surrounded are just stupid. very few are on my intellectual level and are able to see anything more than surface specially in everyday living repetition. Most people are so focused on for me stupid stuff like money girls movies cars... I feel alone cus the way I look at life is producing chaos... and I don't have friends pr at night I don't have anyone to chill with cus other people lives for me are so shallow and boring.... most people say to me find a gf but also think that is a big waste of time cus most of them are evil. Also suffer from anexiaity but balance it with running and sports. I feel alone cus if I say what I think or how i see the world I'll end up looking like a psychopath... everything is just a mirage and people are so blinded by it.... researching deep web or conspiracy theories doesn't help cus I am very aware of my surroundings and it hurts my head when I see normal people living normal life...society is notting more than trained horses and I feel like I'm the only horse here.


Adult video dump of all tastes / Daily updated. Always refreshing tubes

>dump link 1

>dump link 2


this actually made sense thx b

Dude you need to lighten the fuck up if you're over the age of 18 and you still see life through such a thick lense of teen angst. Yes, as an intelligent person it can be hard to relate to the average person, but it's not impossible. Even still, there are plenty of people out there with decent intelligence that you are never going to befriend if you remain so closed off and butthurt all the time. Is society unjust and blind in its persuit of shallow consumption and hollow interactions? Yeah, but not all of it. Love still exists, friendship still exists, kindness and decency still exist. Seems like you'd rather cry about the state of the world and be angry with anyone that's having a good time than actually participating in the parts of the world that are good and trying to fix the parts that aren't

im super lonely and starved for love, 22 and never hold a girls hand before. not because of my looks but because im to much of an introvert to socialise and when i do im to awkward to approach people.
but i have found out something, if you be your depressed and lonly self in a social situation no one is gonna talk to you. so what i do is put up a mask and fake being wholesome and happy, most girls i have talked to (only online because i have never talked to a girl irl before) like wholesome and happy guys, and surrounding your self in happy things also makes you more happy tho
it starts out as a fake mask and then you become happy your self and girls want to talk to you, its a win win

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You're all fucking faggots just kill yourself please no one will care

but that's the thing be I won't spill my life story I understand it is not important but I feel like I felt everything.. love.. hate... death... every feeling I'm gonna have is going to be a watered down version of what I felt. The only thing that I love to do is run deep inside forests at night with my dogs away from society. I'm not fat or ugly hell I run marathons but every contact with someone new only produces past life events that make me extremely edgy with 0 trust to anyone or anthing.lost my family when I was a young kid and losing my family produced this... thing inside me... i don't feel anything anymore except at night sometimes I feel lonely... but it is not the kind of feeling i get lonely that I can't watch a movie with someone or similar I can fins that but it doesn't make me feel better.. i feel lonely that I cannot find another psychopath to share my craziness with.... I don't want someone to cuddle with I, want someone who wants to share my chaos with me. all I want is a freak of nature someone so sick twisted in head that my head would seem like a fairytale. Tryed million times with normal people... they only make me feel sadder cus what I with them is not what I am, inside me... if I want friends or gf I need to be something I am not.. and that is normal.....

I’m so scared of being hurt by other people that I now just completely ignore every other person even if they’re trying to be my friend. I rarely “talk” to my old friends and I don’t have any new ones. I’m fairly positive my coworkers just view me as an incompetent weirdo. After work I have to come home and share a room and bed with my Mom. It’s the only place I have left to go either because I was kicked out or I had to leave for my own reasons. But my Mom is threatening to kick me out because I’m even socially isolating myself from her. The only pleasure I get in my shitty ass life is from weed and it’s practically consuming me. I want to stop smoking weed, but I can’t. I’m a pathetic waste of a human being and I want to change but I don’t know how.

weed is not your enemy.
you don't need to stop smoking to make your life better.
If I had no weed I would commit suicide cus weed makes me think better and makes me more aware of my surroundings. You should not feel bad for smoking weed. You should feel bad you use it as a escape door from your problems and that is you. don't smoke untill your complete day is over then at night once you done everything blaze it. your gonna feel better cus it's gonna feel like a treat for a good day.

Absolutely drop weed, don't listen to You don't need it, and it's not good for you, and you know it as well as I do.

stop thinking everyone is the same and every solution applies to everyone same. Stop thinking your advice can be used on everyone and making people who your solution won't help you feel different. Your like a bad parrot. Don't smoke weed it is bad... don't worship satan... don't do this don't do that..
same rules cannot be applied to everyone... fucking mainstream humans...

Don't smoke weed, you don't need it, and it's not good for you. The fact that there are people who function perfectly without smoking weed should tell you that weed is not necessary at all, and acting like it is only shows you're addicted and should work on that.

Satan doesn't real.

Why can't girls just rape men they like so I don't have to cockblock myself with density

i have not been hugged in years.
work out 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week, was really fat, still am.
its hard for me to talk to people because crippling shyness, while face is in a neutral/resting position i look angry and it makes people avoid me.
theres 7 people i consider friends and we rarely hang out.

i just want someone to grab my hand take me outside