I have never tried chastity but like the idea of a girl putting me into chastity. Has anyone tried it...

I have never tried chastity but like the idea of a girl putting me into chastity. Has anyone tried it? Pics and stories welcome

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I've used this cage. Painful as hell, pinching everywhere, not suitable for long term wear.

whats that black hole on his chest?

Dani Dayan - Peta Tikva, Israel. The kike behind all the cuck and blacked threads.

got any stories or pics? what was it like? still in chastity?

Thank you Dani

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Not anything particularly interesting sadly, just me goofing around

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Whats wrong with you man? A therapist might help you. Might.


my sister used to make me wear one before the hrt kicked in. I really used to hate it when I was still capable of a stiffy but tbh now that it’s gone I kinda miss it. it was very cozy, in a frustrating and depressing way.

why did the idea that your sister made you do it make it hotter? haha

That's his stomach and its called a "belly button". Its where his mommy fed him when he was a baby.

it wasn’t really hot for either of us, she just kept getting mad at me for making stiffys in the bed

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My gf is gone to her parents' town for 2 weeks and she locked me before so I can't masturbate. I'm halfway through.

Similar, wife put me in one for my recent business trip.

can you go through airport scanners? i have to fly from heathrow in a bit and they use these body scanners. so even a plastic cage will show up. but i wonder if they'll stop and search me or just ignore it?

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My wife was telling me that her sister keeps her husband locked up. If he does all of his chores for the week he gets let out for a blowjob and at the end of the month he gets let out to fuck her.

Shup up, Jew.

That looks painful af. What happens if you get aroused? Can that like damage your dick? Holy shit man beta male detected

I didn't even think about it until I was at the airport, but luckily I made it through both ways with no issues

Rough. I guess some guys are into that but I think I'd only be down with it for a day or two at best.

No kidding, I can't imagine only getting to cum in a pussy once a month. I guess it worked out well for them though. His sex drive decreased a little and hers increased a lot.

Sounds like a slippery slope. But if that's what gets them off, then good for them.

How long is she keeping you locked up?

right now it's two weeks while she's gone + maybe a few days after she's back

on average i cum once per week, usually she gives me a handjob after sex (we have sex more often than once per week, but i'm supposed to make her cum and then pull out and cuddle)

the longest ever was 3 weeks but it was special circumstances because we were visiting her parents for 2 weeks so we couldnt have done anything sexual even if we wanted

I do this all the time, unfortunately never an in person keyholder. I met a bored married woman in her late 30s on a femdom kik group, and after a few months of talking to her she agreed to be my keyholder, I'm usually locked 2-3 weeks at a time sometimes longer if she's feeling evil. It's more fun than you'd think, I like it anyway

Isn't it painful if you get wood while wearing a chastity cage?

not if the cage fits

It really depends on the design of the cage and how well it fits, mine rarely causes me any problems

The fucks with them spotty balls? Fucks sake...


Pro tip never do it with a women, just lead to her cheating on me. Never be less of a man in your women’s eyes. I made that mistake once, never again.

This is why I've never tried to ask any girlfriends about this stuff in real life, I know they can't respect a man after knowing this about him, so I just play online when I'm single

Exactly, just do it with yourself or like a professional key holder (never appealed to me). now if my new gf is out of town I’ll just wear it and unlock it 30 mins before she gets home and ravage her, self play takes some fun out of it, but clearly better than the alternative.

Fucking kys. Being this subservient to a fucking woman. Modern western men are becoming fucking weak degenerates.

Damn right no one can respect a "man" that does this shit.

ikr, they were both prob super turned on

At least there's one real man in this thread

fucking quads! I’d be rock hard right now if it weren’t for this cage...

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Mmmm Alpha male!

Still in this thread though, strange

What about getting in chastity while drinking beer and watching football?

Samefaging this hard, you’re an incel type that will shoot up some place to show your dominance.

Not a samefag I just love Alpha Males

You do realize this is either a fat piece of shit or scrawny string bean, that finds things on the internet that offends him and wastes his time to them to kys, instead of doing something productive or social.

You could be describing yourself "for all we know" on an image board.

my girl locks me up every morning and sends me nudes throughout the day,

when we both get home and usually after an extended pussy eating and rimming session she unlocks me and i hump her leg with my ass up her nose until i cum

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I’m probably describing about 90% of b with 9% being traps and 1% being Slam pigs.

looks like he just shaved his balls

This shits so dumb. What a fucking stupid kink

Tell her to put on some lotion

I'm in love with a girl and just introduced it to her today. Her immediate response was "sounds fun" while laughing and took the key to work. This could go someplace interesting.

Honestly the moment it was no longer taboo it kind of immediately lost some appeal. But orgasm denial still feels great. Feel sharper mentally, tantric sex is amazing, I stay sexually interested.

Why does this have to be associated with being more or less of a man? It's enjoying sex however you happen to. How is that related to manly values like wisdom, compassion, honesty, responsibility and hard work? Let go of unnecessary stereotypes about what anybody is supposed to be, as long as everything is safe, sane, and consensual. Closely examine why you feel the way you do, and examine whether your underlying assumptions are actually true.

Why would you waste your time posting that if you felt that way?

You probably just need a long slow blowjob to help you relax.

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It may not be true in your case, but most females want a dominant male, I don't feel like this can even be argued with. In most cases if a woman finds out you're into anything that lowers your dominance in her eyes she will lose interest eventually. Obviously there will be exceptions but I personally feel this isn't a stretch to think at all, although I'd be glad to hear other thoughts

Is it cb-6000?

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does she even let you inside her anymore? at this point, could you even come without smelling her anus, or has she engrained the Pavlovian response into your sad lil pp yet?

Dude, it's just a matter of different strokes for different folks. Yeah, on average, most girls are interested in dominant men in bed, and obviously if you're not sexually compatible the relationship isn't going to work.

But everything's on a bellcurve. I shave my legs, she doesn't (though we're both planning on getting waxed together soon). She absolutely loves having a strap-on, and ranted to me multiple times about previous boyfriends having stupid stuck-up ideas of masculinity and never wanting to play games in bed or explore. We're both pretty into it.

I want to know this too. It's be hot if she didn't even let you in anymore.

I'm happy for you dude, sounds like you've got a really open minded fun girl.

>My wifes boyfriend said if i behave i might be let out of my cuck cage

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But how do you wash your dick? Is circumcision a must for long term use?

How many of you want to be in this situation

Sooo..he was behind of all that..

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That's nice. Similar situation here. Wife is into chastity and so am I. She really likes owning and controlling my dick. She also likes to peg me, but that's a new thing. I would love for her to lock me up and deny me while fucking a hung bull, but that's a big step and we're not there yet.