Bout to kill myself, AMA. Pic as proof

Bout to kill myself, AMA. Pic as proof

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livestream it

Damn, I'm too early.

cut your dick off first

How big is your Weiner? Age you lost your virginity?

don't do it you look fantastic.
just walk around in the city where you live and hook up with some black guys. ask for weed. try that shit.

where you from?


whats the name of the girl you lost or job you hate?

Don’t do it user, people love you, it isn’t worth it. Please

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Pretty big and yeah. Tried sleeping around to get over ex gf. Lost count around 20 tinder girls. Lost my sex drive bc no one compares to my ex

that shit slow buy some heroin


I drive a tractor and do snow removal.

Ur mum

facebook or twitch or some shit like that

Tried it, prefer cocaine. East coast coke better than west coast coke; less diesel taste

post a pic of the ween so we know you're real

Damn dude, you could play guitar and get some bitches or whatever.
My point is, you look handsome.

Honestly just do the helium method as it's easier for you and the people who need to deal with you afterwards

user you're not ugly, you seem pretty cool judging from your job and looks. Suicide isn't the answer, trust me.

Not gay. Also, my ex prefers black guys, if I got fucked by one I'd be like a cuck^2

You just sittin there with the rope round your neck casually doin an ama on Sup Forums. The actual fuck.

i mean hotshot yourself hanging will just break your neck you do it wrong

I do play guitar. Been trying to be a rockstar for years now. Like kurt cobain. But I'm not good enough and can't find a drummer. When kurt was 19 he already had Bleach produced. I'm 19 and have nothing to show for it

Do some drugs first. But you do you.

also dye your hair pink and purple.
get earrings. long earrings like a chain or something.
get a nose ring
grow out your hair
suck nigga dick to makes bitches jealous
fuck em in the ass be a daddy and a daughter
you look like rope. im gonna call you rope. call yourself rope

That's so weird, so often it's because of one single girl. Of several billions.
One guy, at the barracks where i had mandatory military service allegedly jumped down an extremely high wall because of a girl, fatally. Couldn't have been older than 20 or 25 or so.
It all seems so silly, especially in the long run.

Yeah bro no one else cares about me besides this shitty site

I know what I'm doing I've tested it already on someone else. That's why there's no going back, if i live im being tried for murder

Good looking dude op, what makes you want to go for a swing?

It's the feeling that you failed. The hard evidence that another guy was better than you, that you'll never be alpha enough.

why do you want to kill yourself user?

Pics or it did not happen


My aspirations to mantle kurt cobain and become a badass grunge rocker didn't work. My gf wanted to be with a rockstar i guess when she found out i wasnt making it she jumped ship. Parents hate me. Basically homeless been couch surfing for a bit. Im evil and not in a cool way, just like... a nasty goblin man


don't sling drugs. just buy them
friendzone all of your crushes by blocking them
tell em nigs to tell them hoes that they fuck rope
i would never fuck you rope. fuck you rope

eat some nutmeg to get high rope

Who? As you’re boutta off yourself anyway you might just tell us, the people whom get off to probably the most fucked up shit ever just trying to fulfill their need of attention or excitement (as a substitute to going out and actually living life). Sup Forums is like a drug

See the OP retard

it's not a case of them being better, sometimes they are just better suited to the girl, or she is fucked in the head, or made a bad decision or any other number of things. take it from an oldfag, girls are definitely not worth killing yourself over

Dunno what that means. If i tell you you might be able to pinpoint a location and have cops here while im hanging unconscious but not dead yet.

do it. but please stream it!

user no one got famous by thinking they would be famous to start. All bands start out with some stupid fucking teenagers with shitty instruments. Bands are like quicksand, move fast and you won't get anywhere, but move meticulously and you just might get somewhere.

Its more than just the girl bro its my entire life. Im a loser beta white guy, failed at everything.

Noone here actually cares. Just nothing else more productive to do with the time.

Fellow anons,
i smell a ctf

do as much drugs as possible
crash wherever you can. shower once a day to any cost
drink a lot of diet coke
smoke oregano and call yourself italian
be a woman rope. you understand them so well

This has been good, but I'm starting to feel the mushrooms. I have John Hatfield Band playing Another Branch in Time right now. Bouta head out. You guys witnessed a guy die today. The following is the last thing I'll ever write or say ever


Wish you would, Bo Burnham.

capture the faggot?

eat a log of your own shit right now i'm not fucking

You won't be missed.


Before you go will do us a favor and take some niggers with you?

You’re 19 you said? You’ve got a lot of time left in your life to fulfill your dreams, all because it hasn't worked yet doesn’t mean it never will, hope only dies when you give up... or in this case accidentally slip off the chair while reading this.
Keep doing what you love, give it time. Maybe you’ll end up making it big and you can make that girl regret leaving you. The best revenge is living your best life as your haters have to watch.

fuck you op pics or it never happened

sounds like growing pains user, you can't seriously think you are a failure if you aren't a massive rockstar before aged 20? how many teenagers do you reckon think their parents hate them? girlfriend left you because you aren't a rockstar? well she is shallow as fuck and you're better without her. you are couch surfing which suggests you have friends who are looking out for you. you are just being a pussy, grow a pair of balls and ask for help if you are struggling

He said he tried it on someone else RETARD

Fuck you. Look at Silverchair and Incubus.

lol entire life? mate you are barely out of the tutorial aged 19! I'm not trying to belittle you or the way you feel, but fuck, you have barely scratched the surface. it's not all this painful, there is some awesome shit too


You're fucking cute wtf

its forever

he's dead dumbass, no pictures can be sent

Ahh the good old days

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op is a faggot

I was there, god time flies

It amazes me that no one has noticed that this is a pick of Bo Burnham. Low quality bait and you mongoloids bit it.

yeah, they all got famous by crying on Sup Forums then necking themselves didn't they. You fucking baby, when things get hard you grit your teeth and push through that shit


>Bo Burnham

RIP faggot. Im going to die laughing if you survive. If not, then ill see you in hell you beta fucker.



good night sweet prince

my hairline is getting fugged

See how this place chenged? Just full of people who ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN CARING FOR SOME FUCKING user ON THE CHAN.

Fuck that pisses me off.
Nice bait op. Dont be proud tho as you just fooled some brain amputated fucks

And now properly go off yourself and stream it to make justice to this thread.

Live stream it beta bitch

yeah agreed

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You posted a thread like two days ago. Just go away or do it already

Is there a livestream?

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oh lawd, is dat sum chikin?

Oh how I miss the cardstand, trolling Cats Karaoke webcam chat, The bar cam in Minnesota, Good times, Sup Forums is overrun with pussy ass snowflakes these days

Post cock

Don't kys. Convert to Judaism and join the IDF.

hang yourself naked and post livestream

>reverse search
>no results

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proof? of how fucking retarded you are? fuck off with this cringe to failbook or some other cancer

Means nothing, Stripping the EXIF info is simple

do a flip

nooo dont your tiddies are too fat


actually that's a part of the answer!
cross correlation can be very effective to match pictures

noo dont kill urself ur so cute aha

you're kind fucking retarded, you're going to kill yourself there is no way we are going to find you in time, besides nobody wants to fucking find you, degenerate.

too late. rope is dope rope is pope

Why though?