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Mega aids

I hope it turns black. Like a black man's dick. Then falls off.

my dick is already pretty black
both in pigmentation and size
pic related

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Honestly, i was on vyvanse as a teenager, and i literally never stopped masturbating.
20 now, 7 inch cock. Doesnt shrink or kill sex drive at all.

ok but will it make me limp?

what about erection firmness? or sensibility?
i already need 1h to cum...

as a teenager i could have sex while totally wasted so im not sure that applies to grown ups...

I definitely feel smaller and colder on vyvanse. Usually get cold sweats and dick shrinks enough to make peeing uncomfortable. That said I'm taking rec doses and if you follow your script it will even out eventually. If I'm horny enough it's easy to bust one out still but that's not my drug of choice if I'm gonna fuck.

Ohhhh hmm...
I guess that's fair?
I did used to take a long time to jack off...
I would get soft near the end.
A part of my problem probably (was) iron grip when wacking it. I dont have e. dysfunction today.
All i remember about vyvanse is that my long term memory was falling short, and it would give me insane insomnia

This guy mature fucks.

Srsly, I once did a back to back session with this chick when I was 16 after smoking coco-puffs. Getting hard for round 2 was the most challenging experience of my entire life. Now there is no fucking way, and I’d be hard pressed to get to round 1.

Amphetamines make everyone horny though, so don’t worry OP.

I was on anti depressants as a teenager which kill your sex drive and I could still easily have 4 orgasms with my girlfriend at the time trying that now would be impossible.

im 30 now and i noticed the following
spontaneous erections down
delay till erected higher
time till orgasm EXTREMELY longer
intensity of orgasm lower
reload time EXTREMELY longer

tbh the thing i couldnt tolerate would be impaired erectyle response and stiffness. that would be a no go.

vyvanse will make it next to impossible to get hard unless you only focus on getting hard. any distraction to the hardening of ur cock will result in instant softness. it’s not the best if ur looking to crank a lot but if u can master it, it’ll b fine. also made me smoke a shit ton of cigs so i suggest those as well

this sounds fucking stupid. i already need a fucking leap of faith to get hard in most situations

You're supposed to put it in your mouth, OP.

This, it's basically speed, you can be a fuck machine on that shit.

yes but its also a vasoconstrictor. so...

Say goodbye to cooming

definitely hope not
ive been reading that its either black or white

I never had an issue cumming or anything. If anything I got hella diamonds super fast on that shit.