Doll thred

doll thred
shill free edition

gnocchi dump:

doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so
TPE: (1-3k)
dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, piperdoll, d4e, ect, approved vendor 1-2k and often cheaper due

to deals) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)
d4e (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
axb (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, not sure on quality) (500-2k)

dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)
gynoid? (4-6k)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800) (

3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) eh

OrientIndustries(Japan only)

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Other urls found in this thread: Doll/Piper Doll 150cm Big Breast Akira 晶 Seamless Sex Doll/

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And that ought to get us a decent start.

How's life with dolls, all? The wait is become quite excruciating for mine.

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If I hadn't just bought my Akira, I would be legitimately tempted by this sale...

God, she's a leggy gal. A bit on the heavy side, sadly, but those legs are to die for.

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Welp, because that's not the manufacturer site and is not an approved vendor. Shame on me.

Is the actual mfr site for JY. Less sexy of a sale, though still decent.

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What doll is this?

That's the Sino-doll 162cm. Here's a link to a repository for the doll:

I forgot to order lube so that won't get here till tomorrow. Fucking this thing seems like it's going to not easy. It's quite heavy and just awkward to move around / try to get your dick into

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Yeah, lube is not optional with dolls. At least you can cuddle with her for the night?

You'll get better with her, I wouldn't worry too much about that. At least one nice thing is since you did go for a full size doll it'll be easy to find clothes that fit her.

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Hello there, doll fren.

You have no fear to be with us. No bad could happen.

came here for some fapping and lost my boner because im in stiches because of this pic

Just imagine how much that doll weighs. Gotta be at least 150 lbs, if not 170 to 180.

these thread's are mostly reposting pictures svaed from online stores

Any one of you weirdos actually gonna post some doll fucking or not?

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because i dont know how porn stars do it
>the 10 minute play about delivering pizza
>then have the stamina to fake it for another 20 minutes
>then keeping the orgasm while picking up the camera to aim it
just weird man, tried once and it was nothing but my dirty anus and balls slapping around then the camera totally fell over

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would people watch doll fucking on chaturbate

nobody is asking for a full lown porn scene.

But really I would like to see some of the hot actually high quality dolls in action.

It's not hard to show how the mouth works or how the thing gets a facial

I'd watch the shit out of a girl on femdoll scene.

squirting, two ass to ass dildo fucking, pissing, fisting

Speaking of which, our resident lesbian never did post the strap-on fuck pics she was teasing about, did she?

that doll face needs a thick load.

can OP deliver?

I need to figure out what size clothes I actually need. Although I wasn't really planning on buying any

sexy clothes are pretty great user. socks and panties are essential imo

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Any dolls wearing diapers?

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why are they essential?

Socks help protect the doll's feet. Without socks on, the feet can get nicked and scratched to death very easily.

How do i know sizing? Looking at something like but there is no sizing chart on amazon, just small, medium, large, ect

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US and EU sizes are standardized -- they can be found on Google fairly easily. Asian sizes aren't so standard, though, and you often have to dig into individual listings' size charts to figure out what to wear.

Also, if you have a cloth tape measurer I highly recommend measuring your actual doll and not using the given dimensions. Not only will your doll be slightly different, but the way in which you measure a dimension can affect the value pretty significantly, so use the size chart diagrams to ensure you're measuring it properly.

Shill free huh?

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Compared to the last two threads, yeah. I was getting bothered by someone making an OP with a scam website, then us using that as a proper thread. Seems like a bad way to grow the community.

That's why!

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fair enough

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it feels nice especially if you live in a cold climate. it also imo is sexier than an eternally nude doll

The opening for the vag on this doll seems pretty darn small, and also a bit low. The anus also seems too low/near the pussy hole.

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I wish someone had told me that the standing feet are basically a requirement.

You didn't lurk these threads enough

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I thought it was that you only needed those feet if they were going to free stand but you cant even lean against a wall or anything. Getting clothes on is a big pain, Why do they even offer an option to not have them, its almost like i wasted $1300.

I'm sorry, user =(.

If you are truly feeling that down on the doll, keep in mind that there is a second-hand market for dolls, especially if they're virgins. You wouldn't get back what you paid in, but you could get some money back out of a resale.

>second-hand market
doesnt sound worth it.

i always say to get standing feet if you want to be able to stand them. it's not that hard to dress them without standing feet

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Speaking of feet, any tips on buying / sizing doll shoes?

How do i make sure my head is on properly? I feel like the neck looks a bit strange and she has a tendency to try to turn in a direction.

Sadie is the devil

Be nice to Sadie. She means well.

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is it a screw on type or a quick connect? sounds like the TPE of the head and neck just need to be pulled a little because they are stuck on each other

just measure the dolls feet and look up the size

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what is oem website of akira?

its a screw in, i tries lifting the head material over the neck as much as i could but ill double check

Also, HGDoll is an approved vendor for Piper Doll (and actually run by a business partner of Mizuwali, Piper Doll's owner/sculptor) and sells Akira dirt cheap in the US: Doll?product_id=206/ Doll/Piper Doll 150cm Big Breast Akira 晶 Seamless Sex Doll/

you should only need to turn the head maybe 3 or 4 times and it won't come off

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I envision these things shipping in a gigantic 70kg crate like the fuckin ark of the covenant. Is that how shipping goes down?

So did Hitler

its like a coffin in a box shipped from china that says mannequin on the label

Nope they just come in a cardboard box.

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They come in cardboard boxes, wrapped in a blanket and smothered in foam.

I work at a furniture warehouse, and doll boxes are about the same size as a large shelf box, or a set of upholstered siderails for a bed. We've shipped bigger and heavier things out UPS before, and they hate us for it.

I screwed it until it was fairly tight, it became a bit tight when the head was backwards so i finished off that rotation. Before that it seemed a little too loose like it'd wobble around

How the hell do you all keep your wigs so tidy, the second i laid my doll down the hair was a complete mess.

you don't need to screw it all the way so it's tight. you can shim the neck bolt with a big rubber washer or something if it's too loose

i have the same problem

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>Look Sadie, your mail order friend has arrived. Be careful with it. You only get one.

I am guessing hairspray? not sure how that goes with wigs.

in these cases would thread locker work? or would that damage it more?

Somethings wrong with her chest. I think it's cancer. We need to operate :(

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doesnt it feel strange to fuck such a small doll?


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I think you may have a problem then, user.

ok fag

Dude, you're 80 posts deep in a doll thread on Sup Forums. Glass houses, man.

Never let what anyone thinks stop you from putting rainwater in a jar.

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I'd fuck the shit out of this doll

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Are you the guy that ordered your Akira just before 11/11? If so, did you get your factory photos yet? I got mine today and have confirmed everything looks good so should be shipped soon. I'm suddenly very anxious.

That's pretty normal. just hang in there.

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Thanks, I think its the fact I haven't got anything for the maintenence/cleaning or even know where i'm going to store it. Would the flight case I'm getting with the doll be ok for storage in a flat position?

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So cute :3

Has anyone splashed out extra on some more expensive wigs? Was it worth it? I have noticed the wigs they use in the promotional shots look much more like real hair than the super shiny wigs you actually get with the doll.

Not to be crude but I really wanna see one of these get dicked down


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Not sober enough to link anything but I think you should first define what you consider "more expensive"? The more you pay the better they look (but there are good looking cheap ones too) but you also have to learn to style them

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I don't know of anyone with a flight case, So I'm not sure. as long as the doll can lay flat I think it should be fine.

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You clean using mineral oil

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Also, you need to buy memory foam to lay your cutie on

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