Where would i look to find passwords from enterprise IT people that dgaf...

Where would i look to find passwords from enterprise IT people that dgaf? I have a HP elite book and cant get into the bios.

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The it groups must use the same bios password for thousands of builds. No one has a list where

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No one knows any forum or place to find passwords like this?
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there is a procedure where you remove the main battery and power the machine on without the main battery worked for me on an Eletebook I bought off eBay with a BIOS pass check YooToobe thats where I found it

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look for HP Eletebook BIOS password reset

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Thats surprising, any elite book made after 2010 has amt on it and the bios pw is not written on volitle memory at all. So there is no main battery or cmos battery clearing method. There's also no jumper reset. Litterally the only way is to call HP and have them help you via the units serial number.

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worked on a 2011/2013 vintage 5460p socket G2 machine

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Seems HP is no longer providing the smc.bin files to clear the bios.

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All I did was pull the main battery and follow some other specific instructions no downloads only keystrokes Sup Forumsruh

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Thanks i couldnt come up with anything other than smc.bin clearing or cmos battery removal which doesnt work

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what model?

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I downloaded the video when I did it late last winter early spring problem is I have 40 or more HDs it might be on I think I had to remove the hard drive also

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my model is a 5460p not Op I didn't have to use any boot utilities or USB flash I see there are boot utilities that may also work I've been using Hirens Boot CD for 15 years now

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No cdrom drive on the unit and cant boot from usb cause of bios.

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