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>Be Soviet soldier in 1960's
>Stationed at Kamchatka Peninsula at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
>Nothing's going to happen today. Nothing ever happens.
>So fucking cold out.
>Suddenly hear early-warning siren go off.
>Clutch AK-47 tightly, not had drill of readiness in months.
>Suddenly hear what sound like Western heavy metal music.
>Suddenly smell something.....ripe yet wonderful.
>Duck as massive flying log of shit roars over my head.
>Knocks Ushanka right head. Ushanka now has shit on it.
>It's a Capitalist attack!
>Run towards anti-aircraft gun but logs of shit are dropping out of sky all around me.
>Take out picture of Lenin for inspiration as I aim anti-air gun.
>Massive log of shit roars by again, but this time doesn't drop log but drops western heavy metal guy.
>Western heavy metal guy walks over to me like cowboy in John Wayne movie.
>Takes off pants and squats.
>Don't know what comes over me.
>Walk over to Capitalist and get on my knees and open my mouth.
>Western heavy metal guy drops big poo poo in my mouth.
>Swallow and goes down my throat. Tastes better than even alcohol from Mig-25 cooling systema.
>Write encounter in log book. Maybe capitalism not so bad. Maybe logs not so bad.

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get mental help

Me no want help, me want luverly lergs.

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Oh my god... ! If i saw that face in the dark... i would be Scared... !

Logged throat clogged dubs

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Ha ha ha! You are silly, Andrew has a nice face.

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Trips logged

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Log Wow!

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No, not that but... look at it his eyes, i like the original better


Eyes are nice

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Yes they are, but MY eyes... are very beautyfull

As pootiful as Pete's?

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No, MUCH more bautyfull than that, do you want to hear why... ?



Ok, my iris is ocean blue, and my eyes are so white and shiny, and everytime you see in my eyes... so is it like the moonshine on ice... does that sounds amazing... ?

They sound nice, can I have them pls?

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But... but... what am i supposed to do without my eyes... i really need them

Sooo..he was behind of all that..

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Use Andy's poop for eyes.

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Oh no... Please everything else than that... please... ! Don't let me suffering like that, i begging you... please... !

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start succin whiteboi

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Please... ! You can do everything else you want to do with me, but please... not that... !

Please... ! You can do everything else you want to do with me, but please... not that... !

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