Brewing tea

>brewing tea
>this little man climbs into it
>wat do?

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put my pinky up his ass and wear him as a ring

Make another pot, ask him the truth about the jews

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Sell him to a zoo and become rich for finding a fucking thumbelina-boy

Vomit into the sink.
I dont like butthole flavored water.

i mean he'd probably burn in the hot water soo...

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he could have waited for it to cool some before he climbed in

Tell myself that that's what you get for being a weirdo tea drinker


Honestly Makoto doesn't deserve any suffering, so I'd probably adopt him.

I'd start by asking him some of the glaring questions like who he is, what he is, why he is small, where he came from, and why he climbed into my teapot

be his friend he probably came from some magical land hopefully he can take me with him

This image is oddly wholesome

make him into a trap then sell him to the highest Sup Forumsidder

Borrower cum jar

Throw it into the harbor

Imagine being the tiny teacup man and then a large human points this in your face. From your point of view, it's monstrously huge and radiating lots of heat, even begins to leak enough pre that you could potentially drown in it if you aren't careful

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sigh, leave him be and get him a couple paper towels and tiny clothes, then brew tea elsewhere

where would you get tiny clothes from at such short notice?

no thanks, I've already drank enough shota pee today

Adopt him

He could sit on my shoulder and I would make him a little suit.
I could have him get in my scarf when its cold.

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I want to put him in my underwear and make him hug my penis

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gay nigga

your penis is not a body pillow

it is for tiny teacup man

Don't want kids in my life, not even a 4 inch one.

would you let him sleep with it?

Yes, I don't want him to get cold at night, so I'll slip him into my warm undies when it's time for bed.