If I became her top patron, do you think Belle Delphine would let me lick her feet?

If I became her top patron, do you think Belle Delphine would let me lick her feet?

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I'm getting pretty desperate Sup Forumsros

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Why not?

Dude she's not even that good looking, chill.

It's not for the looks tbh, it's just cause she's famous, so I could brag about it.

but she has amazing soles bro?

hell yeah bro

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She is.

Belle Delphine has not responded to any patreon emails in 6 months and has not put oiut any patreon or snapchat content in 6 months.
Any money you give her is going to just be giving her money and you get nothing back, even if you do her god tier

Belle Delphine is gone

She posted a youtube video reecently and she talked about opening a new ig. She'll be back eventually.

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all i care about is feet content
someone convince her to sell gamer girl used socks

that'd be the final blow to my wallet

Posting a FREE video on Youtube is not giving paying customers their content for 6 months
Posting a FREE video on Youtube is not giving paying snapchat customers their content for 6 months
Posting a FREE video on Youtube is not explaining why she has taken peoples moeny for 6 months and not said a single word on patreon about why she isnt making content but taking money

Posting a FREE video on Youtube means nothing
She also has not said anything about "being back eventually". She has made no official statements on patreon regarding her 6 months absence and taking peoples money for 6 months
She never said on any platform about "opening a new ig"
She said it back in August she was "working with instagram over a technical issue" but deleted the post last month on patreon

You have no sources

Yikes, how much money have you lost?

“It makes no sense! It’s so stupid, she keeps doing nothing and producing no content and we keep giving her money!”
Imagine being this guy.

I've given her $6 the past 6 months, i bailed out when she stopped making content all of august.
Ill give her $1 next month and then im done if she dosent give an explanation on her patreon

But all the NEW accounts that join and dont know she is absent is the problem.
She gained 2700 patreons in july/august from the bathwater stunt, they never got their content and she literally stole from them
She gained 300 patreons this month for some reason despite 6 months of no conversation and zero content

She has to be held accountable, this is fraud

almost fell for a troll

>Falling this hard for a virtual insufferable cunt
>No shits given
>None will have the balls to rape her and upload the vid
Just get over it, or far better yet; an hero.

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no she'd just let you give you more of her money.

She was a stupid whore which was at it only for the money from the beginning. She started doing it for the money and shes probably set now and decided to quit and retard still give her free money duh.

have sex

more Belle feet


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>im going to give her $1 next month

What kind of beta faggot gives an ethot money? You dont even get to fuck her.

fucking hell keep going

So you've never looked at porn or even pictures of naked females, you dont get to fuck them.

but i mean its free. you're paying

You pay for your internet connection
No internet connection no access to the internet where you find "free" porn
Someone at sometime has to pay for that porn, be he thots or hardcore porn, it dosent magically get stolen from the cameraman and uploaded on the internet

because she already has a Dominant man to buttfuck her whenever he wants

>You pay for your internet connection
im not the dude you're arguing with, but dude... you're delusional. i feel sorry for you.


>No content for six months.
>Still going to give her money hoping she comes back.
>”T-t-that’s it though! Only one more time I promise.”

Difficult to make new content during a herpes outbreak.

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>Ill give her $1 next month and then im done if she dosent give an explanation on her patreon

B-But why?

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Fuck I'm close

This is literally the most retarded shit I've ever read.

She's a camwhore. Of course she will let you do it if you reach the price. But the price I guess would be pretty high..

Also, no one talked about fucking her.

No it isn't. Are you retarded?

wont let me post link but here is a drive with a lot of snaps and videos from her


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I take most of my pics from a MEGA. I had a Drive a while back but it got deleted.

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link the mega please

this guy is a virgin

what kind of beta faggot thinks giving away ONE DOLLAR for some nice porn makes you a beta faggot? Get a job.

>nice porn

Someone is upset they didn't get their shitty lewds

The stuff she posts is barely porn. Plus, you can get most of it for free. It gets leaked as soon as she posts it.

right I've never paid for a patreon/myonlyfans but I've seen any of them

it's 1$ and I get to see this shit before you. Suck my dick, I'll pay your yearly 4 digit government gibs for 15 minutes.

Her snap isn't 1$ you fucktard. It's 20 bucks A MONTH.

how much would you pay?

solid argument.

yeah but ur gay

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post funny memes

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Why do you guys like this chick she doesn’t even have any nudes. You fucks are worse then niggers

Fucking never, ever happen. A spine. Grow one.

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So, you'd pay for porn with big, red lesions oozing virulent infection all over her cooze? JFC you need your neck stretched.

You guys are pretty naive. She surely is already being f*cked out of stage. She's using her fame to catch lonesome men.
The whore's wants her coin that's it.

Selling her bathwater WTF!
Girls are in need for us! Many of them can't settle in a relation because of this

2 years and she'll just be doing regular porn

You'd be her biggest sucker alright.

Is there no nudes of this chick? What do you pay for teasing pictures?

not a single nude as far as I know. She knows how to play the game, every picture she posts shows just enough to get the retards giving her money to keep doing it in the hopes they'll see pussy one day

Belle, go away.