Why would anybody want to live in america when you can live in a better country?

why would anybody want to live in america when you can live in a better country?

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Better than some shithole like Israel


Because the rest of the world is worse. If you lived in America, you probably wouldn't even need a passport.

>the rest of the world is worse

nope,americans would like to think this.but in reality,they just dont know anything about places outside of america.lots of countrys are better then your shitpile ran by donald bone spurs

america is the shithole,i doubt you've ever even seen israel

No, my fellow white friend. I've seen both, multiple times.

OP is clueless lmao

Every country is a shithole. Get over it.

Low taxes

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Protip: OP will post once then abandon thread

what is better and why?

Stay mad eurocucks

oh yeah Gaza looks like a paradise. Jews didn’t ruin the Holy Land at all

our taxes are pretty high actually considering how little the government does for us

I'd rather be in Amerimutt land than be in Euroshit getting raped by mudslimes and somalicoons. Atleast when white girls are kidnapped and raped the media isn't to cucked to talk about it.

I doubt other countries are really that different besides the "we're not like other countries" bullshit they push on tourists. You're all a part of the New World anyway. Nowhere to run.

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Poland is nice. Anyone know anymore predominately white nations?


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stay jelly, faggot


>in a better country?

such as? I am asking out of sincerity.

Why choose to suck copious amounts of cock when you can simply stop? oh, you're OP

Welcome to America, where the average person is so overweight and exercises so little, that they have no upper arm strength, and cant even hold up their own weight.

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Even the cops are fat lol

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what do you mean, poland is nice? half the population is all about 'muh pension' with 35% of the government budget going directly toward welfare.
poles are ditching their own country in record numbers to seek a better life in UK or USA.

average pole earns 800 euro a month.
if you want to live in a cubicle and rely exclusively on public transportation, sure. at least you can save enough to travel europe every few years.

ITT Amerimuts defend their shithole against other shitholes

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It actually is. You can smell the poverty in the architecture. Hard to describe how the French brick house building looks like shit


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I like being the only country with the absolute right to stand up against our own government. Shall not be infringed.

Looks good to me

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Land. You can buy tons of it here. Even people with shitty houses have large properties and you can do whatever you want with it as long as your association isn’t run by a jew

There are probably 15 neighborhoods in my small city full of houses like this one. Not even a wealthy area compared to others I’ve been to.

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In germany/sweden you can rent a 500 sq ft piss jug apartment for the mortgage of that house.

>I like being the only country with the absolute right to stand up against our own government. Shall not be infringed.

Hahaha imagine being dumb enough to actually believe this. Thats the american "education" system for you

This is a flattering picture courtesy of Google. But if you know what I'm talking about this is Mexican hell.

France and Japan look like this shit.

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Till the government decides they want it



Imagine thinking Europeans even work out. The only exercise they get is from having to walk everywhere because they’re too poor to afford vehicles.

If you see these apartment buildings you are in shithole international

Ooh la la only the very best

Guns have an America problem

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That would suck. GF lived in England for a year, everything was cramped and tiny. Property is far too valuable an asset for me to ever want to live elsewhere

Only the best in American entertainment

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Lol that's a load of bullshit. Those suburb houses are expensive as fuck. You must not realize how hard your working or how old you are.

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That’s pretty rare. Actually about 20 houses near where I live got purchased and demolished for way above their value, GF’s uncle lives even closer and said he knew a guy who was stoked about it lol

Sure they are, but they usually appreciate in value.

Weren't there just like three public shootings in the last week? Lmao

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Jew detected

>That’s pretty rare.
>Continues to give personal anecdote where the exact same thing happens to "about 20 houses" near where they live


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Americans are so dumb they can't even tell which burger will get them more obese.

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The last shooter also had the grin and face of international poverty the filthy nigger

It really doesn't matter what race you are, if you have that face you're a piece of shit criminal faggot qho worked his way up social climbing from The slums

Generations of sucking dick for rent and other basic bills and groceries

muh whyte pryde!

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Kevin Chavez motherfucker

Seen sandniggers too sport the sofia Vergara son special not just Brazilians. It's an international face.


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There isn’t a better country if you live in the right parts of the US.

ah the good ol days

What do you have against the wall?

>international poverty the filthy nigger
Why use so many words when you could have just said "American"?

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>White nationalist
>Hates America

Lmao if it wasn’t clearer that Sup Forums is infested with Palestine Free Organization

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Go back to the favela

Complete coincidence. There is a huge gap between two exits on the local highway and everyone’s been asking for a new ramp for years between them to reduce the shitload of traffic during rush hour. It’s been a local talking point for nearly 20 years so its not like they did it overnight.

Remember to be careful if you ever find yourself having to travel to the U.S.

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Name a country that I can freely move to, get a job, buy a house, and freely live then?

It's going to be hard to find a picture of the universal face of a guy whose mother sucked dicks for rent

go back to your trailer Clettus

If you're rich, it doesn't matter what country you live in.

Cope harder

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A&W food is arguably worse than wack arnolds. We take our burgers pretty seriously I’ll admit

Here's an ugly son of a bitch and a prime example. It's closebut its not perfect and I don't have it in Brazilian or sandnigger

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Yes it does.

>Amnesty International
Project more, faggot

Op is a raging faggot.

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>Name a country that I can freely move to, get a job, buy a house, and freely live then?
Why so you can move there? No thank you, we dont want you. Stay in your shithole America

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How exactly am I coping?

I’m not some pro murica fatass, in fact I like a lot of things about Europe as well.

Also bush did 9/11 so not triggered

Why wouldn't I post this guy.

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>Project more, faggot

It's the only place on the planet where you can start from rock bottom and become a billionaire. Only if you know what you're doing. No other nation on earth has so much money flowing around that can make you filthy rich.

Give you an example, you could be a high school drop out fucking loser with no talent and no prospects, but if you so happen to get into buying and selling American real estate, with enough good deals and connections, there is enough tax loopholes and growth in the economy that in 3 years you'd be sitting on upwards of half a million dollars. 10 years? 5 million dollars or more.

Give you another example, America is the ripest place to start your small business and get investors excited. There is a reason every unicorn startup is packing their shit and flying to silicon valley. It's where the money is.


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Cookie cutter bullshit houses made of plywood and paper. My house is made of cement and stone (Italy) with outer walls three feet thick.

You need to go back to your country.

Why aren't you a billionaire then? Or do admit that you're a loser?

That’s the thing. You don’t need to be rich in the US to live in the nice parts. It feels like not a day goes by without someone trying to put the US down knowing nothing about her.

Why yes, this is an american classroom. How could you tell?

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>My house is made of cement and stone (Italy) with outer walls three feet thick.
all the better to bury you in the next earthquake when it all collapses thanks to italian incompetence and corruption. No thanks.

Getting school supplies in america be like

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Subscribe to the young turks


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The son of Sofia Verga

Filthy niggers biting the hand that feeds them


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Mexicans belong in this part of the world along with the other Indians

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Subscribe to Pewdiepie (?)

Red dot or feather?

nice try drawing over that map in MS Paint ya dingus.

Half Indios half white. I'm sorry you don't like it.

I think the easiest response is, if you don’t like it, don’t come. We definitively don’t want you here.