Why is there so much of an anti-religion bias in the media and in academia?

Why is there so much of an anti-religion bias in the media and in academia?

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you're on the right track.
Keep digging

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there isn't. if you are a dogmatist or hard ideologist then if you here someone just question for a moment some aspect of religion then you lose your shit because among your fellow dogmatists, that is something you will never do (to your detriment). there are plenty of examples on tv where the overlying theme is overtly for the faithful and and even subvertly (for example i lose count of how many shows/movies have the message "you just have to have faith"). you will never accuse tv of being "in your corner" because you just consider those messages normal and how the world should be. then if you see a tv show that somehow, by your interpretation, denigrates religion, when in reality it may not even be doing it or in a very innocuous manner may just be asking the question "is this part of religion true or meaningful or worthy of belief", those are the shows/films you'll go nuts over and remember, then come up with the false narrative that the "liberal media" is out to get you. same goes for academia, because there you continually question things, which is a huge no no to dogmatists, so again, just asking the questions == OH MUH GOD ANTI_RELIGION.

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I'm only just becoming acquainted with the ideas of religions and the metaphysics of Christianity, for example, are misrepresented by atheists in media, giving superficial "man in the sky" criticism.

only if you slap a fat supreme label over jesus

perhaps I was wrong to say bias but the ideas of Christianity certainly are misrepresented by the masses, even by those who claim to be believers

the enlightenment, skepticism as a basis for philosophy and science means that gnosticism doesn't really fit into modern understanding of the world. no one really gives a shit if you believe in god or pray, but making specific claims about god goes against the foundations of both modern and post-modern philosophy.

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that's the church

i pray to god but i don't care what qualities god has or what kind of person god is, none of that is important, i pray for my own fulfillment, which i think is what god wants, i doubt he/she/it wants people to just suck up to him/her/it, most believers are missing the point, well they're fucking idiots but that doesn't mean the idea of god is something that should be discarded, atheism is in no way a good replacement for religion and never will be

>so much
This is mostly in your head, Christfag. Lemme guess, you're one of those people who think there's a ""war on Christmas"" because a small percentage of liberal dipshits refuse to say Merry Christmas. I think a good chunk of the Conservative media that promotes this idea do it because it incites fear and gets their base riled up. It's textbook fear-mongering.

As for the liberals who truly do attack Christianity, I think they have some legitimate reasons for doing so. Many, if not most, Christians are extremely bigoted. They're bitter, hateful fuckers who are are further from Christ-like than most atheists.

Each an every time. Just dig a little deeper.

Institutionalized churches are total bullshit, but faith is a human need.

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i'm an atheist on an individual level, but you do realize jews force atheism globally right? every shithole was majority atheist. USSR, china, etc.

Because intelligent people see religion as the farce that it is. Only ignorant uneducated people believe in an all seeing devine god.

>every shithole
>Literally owning media and academia throughout the centuries
Reach to the higher consciousness, disregard bullshittery.

Most of the great thinkers of past times were agnostics, they openly bashed the churches but were seen as some sort of religious.

Agnostic or religious, make up your mind dumbass

Maybe cause any useful school is based on science, which is stuff you can gather evidence for

its not superficial criticism, it as essential criticism that theists conveniently ignore

Spiritual? Who knows and who really cares? We are shadows and dust.

>I'm only just becoming acquainted with the ideas of religions and the metaphysics of Christianity
If you're referring to the philosophy of mystics like Meister Eckhart, that is not the Christianity of the 21st century -- or any other century for that matter. So, to say the media "misrepresents" Christianity is just not accurate. Regarding the vast majority of Christians and their beliefs, the "man in the sky" criticism is completely valid

>doesn't blindly believe everything a kid-fucker in a dress says

Cause religion, politics, philosophy are for nerds.

Most people arnt nerds.

Food, sex, fun. We are mammals


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Maybe, I'm just injecting my own metaphysical beliefs where they don't exist. Either way, they fir perfectly in the Bible, maybe that's the magic of it.

I really wish I could go back to thinking this way. I was so much more content.

You could say this about most individuals beliefs considering socialization

Same, other than politics. There's no reason to think about politics, it will only bring you anguish


I'm an atheist, but I love the philosophy of the Christian mystics. Meister Eckhart, Saint John of the Cross, the Desert Fathers... I love the way they think.

there's not really an antireligion bias in the academy. i work within the university system at an ivy league school. the antireligious activism you see is mostly at small progressive liberal arts schools in New England, like Middlebury.

the universities that matter tend to be larger and diverse, ideologically, demographically, and even religiously. most of them also have religious studies departments. so they take religion serious because it's (1) an area of their research and (2) a title ix complaint waiting to happen if they don't.