Would you breed a black woman?

Would you breed a black woman?

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single mother inbound

Already have. Married two and had 4 abortions when I was younger.

yes and sauce please


Yes, of course I would, why wouldn't I ?

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Of course!

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Bump oh and already have op

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We Ebony Breeding thread now?

Ebony Breeding thread.


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Sure, as long as I don't have to take care of a niglet

Goddamn. Built to be bred.

Anyone see the guy she married? Ugh


Lucky bastard.

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A common pastime of any Pokemon trainer is to breed ebony women they encounter.

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Only if I was black.

Hell no

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I have zero attraction to them which sucks because I knew two who had good personalities and were interested in me.

Of course. Just like my ancestors. Breed em for free labor.

Who is the woman in that video?

well not that one lol

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Breedem and leavem, black bitches are only good for fucking.

niggers exist to be bred by whites

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Breedem and leavem, they are only good for fucking

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fuck no

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fat white bitches are bad enough.. what's the appeal to even fatter nigger women?

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Time to breed.

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Define breed.

Breed in the sense of actually impregnate one? No.

Breed in the sense of constantly nonstop bury loads into the uterus of a thick black woman like the one in the OP? Absolutely.


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If things continue to go as well as they are with my current lady, sure

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The call is yours.

I already am.

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Genuinely great nipple.

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You got me user. For the 10 minutes they were based I'd smash.

Interstellar Breeding Force.

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"Fucking adorable" is what you're looking for

why the fuck did you make me look, now I lost my appetite

as long as i'm allowed to breed my own nigger daughters

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Love it. Kík 20190416

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Honestly I'm not sure we ever addressed that point. If we breed black women, should we breed our daughters, lol?

It's not really a good idea. People will do it anyway.

having a daughter with maserati would be heaven. two horny thicc niggers in the same house

I do at least 3 to 5 times a week tbh

Those tits are 10/10 though

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