He'll be impeached within the month. It's over

He'll be impeached within the month. It's over.

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hopefully, need a real american back in charge

>He'll be dead within the month. It's over.

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Cant believe people thought he was the best representation for the "average American" lol yeah lets elect a billionaire because he totally knows what average joe is going thru

He's actually the perfect representation of the average American - a fat, stupid loudmouth moron

you have no idea what the repercussions will be. neither do i, not fully at least.

if you want to find out anyway


because there is no way logic prevails

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Not only a billionaire, but a born billionaire who never had to go without anything. He has no comprehension of not having whatever he wants whenever he wants it. That's why he has no empathy for others. He can't conceive of the idea that not everybody is as fortunate as he is.

don't forget arrogant

no, within the week

Oh This thread again...

Kep dreaming libtard.There;s no way the dems will impeach because then it goes to the Senate , where htey have no control.
The Senate will subpoena every demrat involved in the Shampeachment inquiry and reveal the real truth, including the dem corruption in the Ukraine and Schiff's collusion withe the so-called "whistleblower"

The only thing that Trump has to fear is dem election fraud in 2020 - and that is going to be a real problem

And you're delusional, Ivan.

Top kek. Republicans have the senate. Faglord.

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And then you woke up.

5 more years , shill

Oh This Reply Again

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>accusing OP of being a Russian agent
Seems like something a Russian agent would do to distract everyone from the fact he's a Russian agent.

Nice try, Yevgeny

And will you FINALLY be able to live your life without obsessing about shit which has ZERO impact on your little, tiny world?

Naaaa. Keep posting!

>the left can't meme
>posts this shit
jeez, i guess you guys really depended on the russians in 2016. you can't meme for shit.

And Ivan is also a common name in the Ukraine - how much money have you been receiving in bribes from that gas company , Hunter?

yup it is over


Seems like you know an awful lot about the Slavic regions. Is that where you're from?

ain't clickin that shit

>ain't clickin that shit

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Rent. Free.

uh no he won't. Quit believing in conspiracy theories.


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President Pence! Yeah!
oh, shit
what have we done?.?.?.

go to sleep komrad you're drunk

lol such a bitch

holy fuck, this proves everything

Go to sleep , NPC , and dream of Trump being impeached because "He's a big meanie and said mean things"