What do you think of this guy?

What do you think of this guy?

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I think this guy dates my friends daughter of 100% European descent

no opinion, but his fans that I know seem senile

i think if he was white,he would of gotten shamed for beating his pregnant girlfriend instead of having this image of being a model citizen just because he's black and dead

dead faggot

Seems like he was a chill guy

his music sounds like his only fans are white suburban kids who wish they were black but would lock their car doors driving through an inner city black neighborhood

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hard music


glad hes dead. music was god awful

the saddest faggot that WAS on the planet

yeah, as in "hard to enjoy"

He looks angry, but also like he can't take a punch. Does he make music, by any chance?

it did, but it's music was complete trash that white wiggers liked, and then it got murdered like a bitch

glad he's dead

his sad music isn't that bad

You can just say wiggers, white wiggers is redundant you mongoloid.

You’re thinking too much, stop it.


dead nigger

This nigger really beat his wife and got shot up

doesn't nullify the point

Thought he was cool kinda liked a few songs here and there. Fucked up that everyone shits on him cause he was trying to become a better person And how people just pointed cameras in his face as he was dying was fucked

I have no clue as to who in the fuck that nignog would be... Dead? Rapper? Still don't care.