Name a better artist from this generation

name a better artist from this generation

>protip you can’t

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lil peep just copied emogrunge rock legend heroinhead punkfag kurt cobain and mixed it with bad words nigger slur and hiphop beats

theres no rapper who sounded like peep b4 peep


How the fuck is he making more content. That bitch ded

>name a better artist from this generation

This generation is full of talent-free selfie celebs who think aping is artistic, so you're right: you can't name a better artist. They all suck eggs, each and every one.

>looks like trash
>sounds like trash
>trash for trash, all is trash

you are an uncultured faggot gen x made emo faggots like lil peep famous stupid child

Who is this retarded skittle head and why should I give a fuck if he lives or dies?

I'd rather listen to good music

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literally fucking any artist is better than this faggot

i bet life is hard for you user.

Sir Chadington IV

More like DEADer

Fuck you

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pretty much all of the good rappers are dead though

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Beat me to it

They're all equally shitty, OP.

Rap isn't worth listening to.
This after years of doing so I say this. Some of the really really old stuff is okay, like island music from the 80's, but otherwise no. It's just not relaxed or intense or cool or interesting enough.

>diet wavves

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Unpopular opinion: i like his song with ilovemakonnen and fall out boy.

It was finished after he died and his parts are probably the weakest but still. Reminds me of something that would have come out in 2006-ish.

based user


Idk, Tame Impala?

"The Less I Know The Better" is really good imo

I can just look at this guy and know what cookie cutter shit-taste I'm in for lol

literally any third grader scraping his fingerails over the board

people with face and hand tattoos are attention craving whores that have no talent at all and are just paid because they're soooo special.

What kind of fag shows off on instagram, taking drugs like he’s so cool then dies from them. Little peep is fucking cringe

mumble rap sucks

So who the fuck is this?

name AN artist from this generation

it's all crap

byron get off Sup Forums you eboy cringelord

>All rap sucks
Rap, country music and Jazz can all burn in Hell

>good artist
>lil peep
thats hilarious
OP is probably a depressed faggot

ok boomer you probably like limp bizkit

boomer, ok


yung lean
lil b
and many more
ur a retard bud

jazz is mostly shit, but there are some improvisational aspects I can appreciate.

Anal cunt i respect your feelings as a woman


Nigga. Gen x are in there late 30/ 50's now. Are you braindead like all those vapehead gen y cunts?


lel fucking owned am I right guys

I mean yes but that says as much about Peep as it does about the SoundCloud generation. Peep was great but his contemporaries were absolute shit so it’s difficult to parse. Was he the best amongst that class? Yes. Was that class shit? Also yes.

Lil Nas X

Copied bones. Bones is 100x better

He’s dead.

Rap more like CRap am I right? We’re just too intel of gent for these plebeians


I never thought id see the day where this list was an actual part of the discussion of hip hop and how it’s evolved. Brings a god damn tear to my eye...

People who are actually hating on peep in this thread are sped wing level, no point of return. He definitely made his mark on the industry and surfaced a unique genre for other artists to explore.

I don't think I can find a better example of ignorance than this faggotry. Actual low intelligence, like a fucking tard

People just don’t like the fact that the only person to actually shake up the sound of hip hop in the last 2 decades was a white dude


lmfao im listening to omfg rn shits crazy