California wins thread. Bonus for 530

California wins thread. Bonus for 530

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707 tracy

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got any face?

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More 562 hoes


Someone got this slut’s nudes? Angela 619

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Isnt she a figure model?

Any 619 Chula Vista?

I have a few mexican chicks from down there

Anyone from 619 wana fuck?

Who you got?

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Any 951 Corona?

Shes hot, use to be chubby in hs. Would do love to see her now.

Got anything from her?

More? Name?

Rachel. And no.

Any 661?

Got any chicks named april?

look at librel californians pissed about the mess that they themselves created. smh.

We are here to post nudes you stupid faggot not discuss bullshit politics. Fuck you I hope you die.

> librel

Too bad. Someone posted some underwear pics a few years ago.

Sound's like your angry about the right's superior logic and reasoning abilities. And are also pissed about the mess YOU created.


Of who? That chick? Idk who she is, found this in a thread, you know her?

Any 714s or 657s?


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Lel look as the libfuck liberal fucktards of Cali get pissed just by your tiny comment. Lol all they know how to do is get pissed by meaningless comments. Anyway. Back to the nudes.

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Fuck the left and the right you dumb pieces of shit, lmao.

Lol, Cali librel cucks are so easily triggered.

Jess. Pasadena local

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Implying it wouldn’t be child’s play to trigger someone who spends all their time sucking trumps tiny dick

have you seen this girl before?

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Hot. Anymore?

Lel, you can try, but unlike liberal cucks, the right uses logic and reason.

707 Sr & p3taluma
where the locals at tonight?

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Tons. Jess is a dick addict

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Fuuuckk. Drop em

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You know her?

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From her video

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Any 619?
Angela? or Tabitha?


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Any more 805?


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Post any 805 please and thanks.
theres a chick with a snake tattoo on her arm/shoulder if you have

What part of 805?


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Yes I do, I've seen some get shared around was wondering if there was new stuff

Any yucca valley?

Oh shit fam. How you know her?

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Heyyy...he was behind of this..

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530 redding here

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Yeah more with face if you got some

High school


So you dont have any to share? I cant be the only guy she used to fuck...

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Sorry I don't

Op never gets wins. :(

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Dammm I need those fuuuck



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Enough with this shit already. She gives sac a bad name.

Anyone got any Aaliyah f from coachella graduated ihs in 2016

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No redding

805 SLO?


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Bro please dump them

i am going to Californy where thars swimmin pools and movie stars!!!



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I dont feel like hosting. :)

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Cant really, think you recognize?

What is that?

Vola file

any 916 209 wins

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not from just that alone. riverside area?

what part?
any full frontal?