R8 me, be honest

R8 me, be honest

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oi mate!

My wife would fuck you

Your wife is probably a fat cow, so no thanks

Nope actualy nice blond

5 or 6 / 10, u should smile instead and that would make your score higher

fucking cute, I'd do things with you

7/10 OP pretty swell. I would recommend you change the haircut :)


that's means a lot for an incel

you mean your sissy alter-ego, faggot?

are you czech?


School Shooter/10

you could do something better with grown out hair

Why do guys insist on buzzing their hair?

literally the worst looking hairstyle ever

It's comfortable


What are you like a 140ish?

Get a skin fade thin out your eyebrows and eat a fucking biscuit.
Also don’t dress like your dad so much.

5.5/10 If you’re under 30
6.5/10 if you’re over 30

so is being fat


U look like ur plagued with self doubt, kill yourself.

You put the 0 in n0nce

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Honestly pretty handsome. Look like you wear tighty whities though.

Yes, I'm 140, there is no hope for me to get some weight

You have dead eyes, try squinting a little and protruding your jaw while your face is idle. And I don’t know how you are socially but from your weak jaw and unphotogenic face and your seeking out of assurance from strangers on the internet I’m going to assume you’re somewhat socially inept and lack confidence to a certain degree when it comes to the laaaaadies. So listen up small fry, be loud. When your friends laugh, laugh louder. Move your hands a lot when you talk, clear your throat with force and take over the section you’re in when talking. When you make eye contact with a bird, keep it until she breaks it. Power move, subconsciously you’re alpha in her eyes. Don’t ever look down and puff your chest out a lot.

Good luck fren.


Grow out some facial hair, anything that makes you more mature. You have an attractive face, moreso on the younger side. Despite maybe being in your mid twenties, with a little work you could pass as 18. The goal is to work against that, so a more mature facial hair will make you seem more dominant. Additionally, grow out your hair in any "trendy" way and you'll get a decent amount of puss.

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