PA Thread. Get in here

PA Thread. Get in here.

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Philly bump


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Any Doylestown are initials AK

never any 215 in these threads

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I have Erie, share and I'll share

nice to see casey


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Wish I could just pay her for new nudes

agreed. how’d you know her?

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Hs, got something new from Shaler ?

drop your kik. Always

Don't have one, anything good ?

Yes. I would suggest making one. It’s simple.

What part?

very rare. make one.

Hello gorgeous!


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i need some 570 bitches

Edinboro here

Got Gina m ?


I literally have around 50 bitches from the Wyoming Valley. No faces though.

What years at edinboro?

Erie here. Looking for Erie county in general

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Im 814 erie/waterford, whats up

Finally some Erie
I'll keep posting if others do too


Another Erie/boro here. Blow it up!

Got lots of unseen wins that era or a few years later. Might not be on this device though.


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Cool might be looking for a lady by the name of Betty R.

Willing to do anything for Amber Greenwo o o d or any SHS 2015

Jessica A

Doesn’t sound familiar

Erie here

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My Kik is anonnn4142
Got lots of Edinboro and the area

I’m cool with posting here too but I’m gonna pass out soon

One day maybe, just maybe, I'll get lucky and find these 412 wins

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Since no one else wants to post maybe you'll trade. Kik for Erie

New Castle? Alyse B?

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Erie here

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West kensington philly

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Erie. Linda N?

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not familiar. what year?

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Erie? Bette R?

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Erie here. Rae T

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Anyone know an M Veglia? From Pittsburgh area.

Bump erie

717 checking in

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B.s. lol please tell me you have wins


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What part

Area code?

412 savannah cazin

Britney from lebo fat ass

Yoooo 814 let’s gooooooo

U know e. bizjak

U know e. Bizjak?

Nah I don’t

Any 814 Meadville / Crawford here?

i know this tattoo. cant put a name to it. mind dropping first name?

Where them Richland hoes

I have sydney zahn

Nicee one...Elon Musky..

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Oooh baby post that win
Need them Richland sluts

Any wins from south hills?

you got more?

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Any Pitt wins? only thing I’ve seen is that girl that did GDP

412 bump

any blacklick wins?

Adult video dump of all tastes / Daily updated. Always refreshing tubes

>dump link 1

>dump link 2


more erie?

Looking for bizjak

Anyone have Kayleigh B from 610 Allentown? Rhymes with Doyle.

how old are they?

Arby’s Girl from 717!?!? Anyone?


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Post your Paula pics!

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Jenny w?

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More of this former 717 babe please!

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412, North Hills

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Anyone have any of Carrie Lippert? 412, graduated from North Hills in 06, also went to Pitt.

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Anyone in the Bellevue/West View area know Jackie Bechtold? Northgate class of 11

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I do ...

How do you know her? Ever fuck her?

Friend of a friend, from the same area. She’s hot, never fucked her though.