What's/b/ Listening to?

What's/b/ Listening to?

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The mentally ill girl down the street smash her mother's car windows in again whilst screaming she's going to kill herself.

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Tragically underrated emcee

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shame they turned to shit after this album

yeah. sandinista has its songs though

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At this very second I'm listening to this. Bitch got me fucked up.

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Exclusively Rush

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KoRn's newest album "The Nothing".
Fucking love this album.

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Why wasn't Ringo on drums?

Jim Keltner was the Wilburys drummer.

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Fucking Techno.

Is it an R.E.M. album

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Is it queen?

This gotta be system of nirvana

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The Beatles?
Cannibal corpse?
New One direction? Omg are they back?
Sorry I don’t listen to gangster rap. I wouldn’t know
What was their name... shit I know this one...

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the who. the last one is the who.

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I'd never heard of them before, user. I like their sound.

They're fucking great-put on terrific live shows as well. I love their first 3 albums.

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Abbey Road
L.A. Woman by the Doors
Back in Black by ACDC
Fush yu Mang by Smash Mouth
Toxicity by System of a Down

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Solarstone in Cardiff last month. Nice 6 hour set. I like his older stuff better, but hes been solid this century.

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Listened to them all the time into the mid 2000s. Anything good since?

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The only bad album they have released(or atleast the one i dont like) is I Worship Chaos, but that album still has a few good songs on it. But yeah 90% of the music they release is top notch amazing. The new album i just posted is pretty good. Oh and Alexi Laiho is in the hospital right now and might die. Fucked up

>Alexi Laiho is in the hospital right now and might die
That is not good, what happen?

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The only good album itt

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From what ive read its some infection, but tbh i think it has to do with decades of heavy drinking.
Look at him in this video and how weak he sounds, hes as thin as that eugenia cooney bitch
I hope he pulls through

Best album of this year.

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>posts some unknown band
>best album of this year
No. Devourment released the best album of this year. And the new Cattle Decapitation album is still 10 days away from release.


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Damn, that is pretty bad. He does look like ms skeltal there. Hope he gets better, cause that can't be good for anyone, let alone a metal guitarist.

I just hope he doesnt pull a chuck schuldiner


Talk about WHINY.

never gets old

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Is that the guy that does 1200 Micrograms i used to listen to 1200 mics in highschool when i smoked weed it was pretty sweet


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yeah simon posford
he and raja ram is the shiet

Hey some real taste ya pansie ass pirck faggots!

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they're both singles but so fucking good.

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better than puppets imo

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