I seriously want to go slash the tires of some asshole who wronged me

I seriously want to go slash the tires of some asshole who wronged me

Should I or shouldn't I l?

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Do it

You got it stud

hell yeah, slash his tires. (pics or it didnt happen)

Keep it alive and pics will follow
If it slides I'll make a new thread

As long as you're virtually 100% certain you won't be caught. I'd advise against it tbh. Too risky.

Yeah, if you really think he is worth it. Don't get caught neither

I wouldn’t at 2am. Also, he doesn’t respect you and sees you as no challenge. You just end up antagonizing him again and you’ll probably feel the repercussions for your actions.
In my opinion you have two options.
1) Let it go and completely disassociate yourself with him for the rest of your life.
2) Man up and confront him for whatever he did and prepare for a physical or verbal battle of wit. Either way make sure you have valid reason and a solid debate or you’ll just look silly.

What the tires do to you??

Take it out on him pussy

Slash them all. Don't get caught. One month later, pour brake fluid all over the paint. Don't get caught.

you should suck his cock and offer up your twink boi pussy instead.

Yeah do the work first to make sure you don't get caught.
Nearby biz has cams? you're fucked. Neighbors coming home from groceries and spot you? you're fucked.
If you're gonna fuck with his shit then put in the work to get away with it.

YMMV whether it makes you feel better or not, but don't half ass it

I got him the truck at a 95 percent discount (my company was selling fleet trucks)

Here we go lads

Sounds like you should stop being a pussy and beat his ass

Also I could use a fleet van to turn into a camper can you hook a brotha up

Dumb op.

Do like 5 years of psychological torture, like marry one of his female relatives and slowly gas light him then poop on her tits and post pics

Nah. Put a nail through the bottom and out the side wall. Its quick fucks the tire and theres no evidence it was you.

Alright boys here we go.
About a half a mile away parked
Wish me luck

/wtb poop video for research purposes

This is an absolutely brilliant idea OP. U should also record urself doing it and put it on social media to show how badass u are


>slash the tires
...not as easy as you may think, user.

Do it at night with a mask on, good luck soldier