What old bros remember when she was the queen of Sup Forums

what old bros remember when she was the queen of Sup Forums.

post your old CGM stuff

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No, Boxxy is, and always has been.

this isn't but she looks like ts ella hollywood

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don't know boxxy -- i prob haven't been around long enough

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>Tranfag gifs and being such a newfag that you don't remember Boxxy

Gentlemen, behold the personification of all the cancer that made this board as lame as it is now.

>Taylor swift
> Chloe Moretz
> Millie Bobby Brown


in b4 trans is the new in b4 spidey. unfortunately. i'm just staying with the times. barely see spidey anymore

Heyyy...he was behind of this..

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what? i don't really get elon

Forced meme is forced

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>I once served Chloe at a seafood restaurant up in Maine.
>She ordered the snow crab and when I brought it out I realized she didn't have a little hammer or a pair of crab crackers
>Chole responded " That's ok I don't need them"
>I walked to the back for a bit before I heard a loud bang and then screaming.
>I rushed out to see several patrons bleeding and crying around loved ones.
>It looked as if a crab bomb went off. Crab shrapnel littered the restaurant. People trying desperately to stop the bleeding on those that were still alive.
>Just then another loud bang rang out and I was knocked off my feet. I looked through the haze of butter in my eyes.
>I see Chole using her gargantuan hands to smash and tear at the crab. I look to my left and see the hostess clutching her neck as a crab claw has severed her jugular.
>I look up to the ceiling and then Chloe appears over me empty plate in hand and she only says one word that still haunts me to this day.


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haha, lol

the autism is real

its obviously not true, which is why its funny

Nice try, newfag.

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ya'll got me. i've only been on 5 years trolling

Bob had a daughter?

Can I be your queen?

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This. Boxxy is the only queen of this place.

who is?

She is the one true queen of Sup Forums


Sofie Dossi

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yea I'd eat her ass

Man I havent been here in a year and theyre still trying to force this shit? Pathetic.

Newfaggotry personified.

Luckily it's even more stale than the fucking logposting, therefore, it will never catch on.

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Hi it's Vince from shamwow, you'll be saying wow every time. It's like a shammy, it's like a towel, it's like a sponge. A regular towel doesn't work wet, this works wet or dry. This is for the house The Car The Boat The RV Shamwow holds 12 times it's weight in liquid, look at this, it just does the work. Why do you want to work twice as hard? It doesn't drip, doesn't make a mess, wring it out. You wash it in the washing machine. Made in Germany, you know the Germans always make good stuff. Here's some cola, wine, coffee, cola, pet stains. Not only is your damage going to be on top, there's your mildew. That is gonna smell, see that. Now we're gonna do this in real time, look at this, put it on the spill, turn it over without putting any pressure, 50% of the cola...right there you following me camera guy? The other 50% the color starts to come up no other towels' gonna do that. It acts like a vacuum, and look at this virtually dry on the bottom. See what I’m telling ya Shamwow you'll be saying wow every time.

I can't live without it, I just love it! Oh my gosh I don't even buy paper towels anymore. If you're gonna wash your cars or any other vehicle, you'll be out of your mind not to own one of these. All I can say is SHAM! WOW!

You're gonna spend twenty dollars every month on paper towels anyway you're throwin away your money. The mini shamwows are for everything, for everyday use. This last ten years, this last a week, I don't know it sells itself. The shamwow sells for 19.95 you get one for the house, one for the car, two for the kitchen and bathroom. But if you call now, within the next twenty minutes cause we can't do this all day, we'll give you a second set absolutely free. So that's 8 shamwows for 19.95. It comes with a ten year warranty, here's how to order. (+ Shamwow Mop – no more hands and knees) Call 18009517100 Shamwow it not available in stores and is made in Germany beware of Shamwow imitators, call 18009517100 that’s 18009517100 call now

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fuck yeah spidey thread
lets do it

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god damn ive missed spidey threads

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>tfw buca di beppo hosts your premiere party confirming you work in d-list television
She’s the perfect queen of Sup Forums

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Did someone call for dubs?

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nice repeating digits

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Another set here

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Nothing yet....

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I think I put them on this side.

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Fuck yeah!!

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Thank you for setting the newfag in his place. Boxxy will always be Queen.


I remember when you couldn't type in Boxxy or you were hit with the ban stick.

>calls someone else a newfag
>calls Boxxy queen
the absolute state of Sup Forums

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glad spidey'b back (this is OP)

love you too OP

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Wrong, There was only 1 queen of Sup Forums, and only ever be 1. Cracky-chan forever! Boxxy is just a pretender that came late to the game.

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