Post fucked up things

Post fucked up things

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Nah they don't. Just typical niggers doing nigger shit.

“Typical niggers doing nigger shit” LMFAO

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This just says .nigger' for me. It sums up the porch monkey perfectly. Seriously. Nigger in a nut shell.

>commit crime
>post it
>typical nigger


My sides are in orbit.

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Looks like a nigger stole it ...

We are given teeth for a reason.
They may still kill you.
But one of them will do it w/o their dick.

Fun fact No. 4: niggers gonna nig.

>They dick
>illiterate fucking niggers

hitting me with the classics. nice.

Niggers gona nig nig nig nig it up
Nig it up, nig it up

Has language always been the same?

Did you understand the meaning as conveyed?

You're just a racist.

why's the gun so small, have a green tint and why does it have an orange tip? they're just faggots with a toy gun sucking each others dicks.

>has language always been the same



That's literally my dream

weak specimen. you must be purged

languages evolve dingus

I'm american stupid

I'm a stupid American*

Fixed that for you.

>A water gun

Language evolves. You don't.

Found the nigger.

Not even a clever joke

AHAHAHHHA *sigh* … Eurofag.


Language does evolve, but what does this even mean?

You're fucking slow

Jesus Kevin, at least try and answer the question,


Welcome summerfag. Enjoy your time in Sup Forums

You're worse than the nigger, you're the one with the the cock in your mouth.

never disappoints


>the the
Jesus Christ

Which 'the nigger' Eurofag?

this retard doesn't even know what the thread is about anymore. fucking keyboard warriors man lmao