This is my sister Grace

This is my sister Grace.

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She seems nice. You should respect her privacy by not posting revealing photographs of her on the internet without her consent.

Well call me Pressure.

Thankfully I don’t have revealing photos

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Please rate her

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Post her pics

Start calling me brother-in-law.

Hello grace, be careful out there.

Sure thing

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Get in line... lol

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She needs to be very careful

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Why the fuck did your parents choose a stupid name like grace?

What is it with white people and wanting to fuck their siblings?

? That's racist. I'm white and I think it's disgusting.

how did quads get bestowed upon a neejers? this board really has gone to shit.

This is the song Grace by Supergrass.

>quads get bestowed
>I'm 12 btw. And as you guessed, autistic.

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bullshit. even a 12 yo nej hasnt developed the teiving capacity to aquire a laptop and interwebs connect. Fuck off larping white man, i see you.

I want to post a snap memory I have and make you feel really bad about yourself lmk if you want me to.

please do, i look forward to this.

Just want you to know that not only did I get quads, but I also am not a sad beta faggot like you (:

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And this is my cousin

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Nice thighs!

my cousin isn't 16 yet.

This is mine

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she's my cousin too

Get out of town!

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