UK Hate Thread

UK Hate Thread
Fuck these miserable faggots

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Fuck the pommy poofters

The greatest race to grace the face of the earth

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Speak my language bitches ENGLISH

Dragged the entire planet into the modern age with liberty. justice and parliamentary democracy

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U wot m8?
I'll chew ya fucking nose off, you silly cunt. Watch me climb off ya mum and slap ya with my tallywhacker ya bent twat. Probably a paki ain't ya? Aww did your child sex ring collapse? Did they arrest your sister fucking, taxi driving father?

Prick. Unironically die in a house fire while getting raped by your uncle.

I love tea. Negative blood type most common in English blue bloods & Ancient Egyptian royals. The gods of old put reptilian DNA into us. Our presence on this planet is proof of ancient astronauts.

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What have the English ever done for the planet?

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Typical self-aggrandizing rant by a pom.
Your existance is so mundane that fantasy is a viable alternative.

Let them hate us so long as they fear us.

Why would I hate a great country?

Considering your speaking their language? Do you live in the United States by chance? You have them to thank for sending your ancestors here to America.

i like the country but not the new people in this country

thanks for helping out after ww2 but would you kindly leave now youre making it worse

Do you live in Canada? The United States? Australia? Do you speak English?

its a joke retard

and we sent them back to their shitty island.

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Anglo here. Stay mad Mutts

"we" is a collective or europeans and british, murimutt. but yes the the empire collapsed due to multiple fronts. the front in america resulted from a broken peace treaty (broken by muricans) and france and others helping them out. now you get to be israels bitch and most hated nation on earth high five nigger

The American revolution was literally a British civil war in another country, the ungrateful idiots didn't want to pay taxes for their free ride in the new world and revolted. It's all good though because at least they fought so you don't have to pay taxes anymore..... oh wait.

I think you forgot about france

The British didn’t lose they chose India instead,

it wasn't a civil war is was more like trying to throw water on your tv that's burning, in the middle of a pool of water but there's a french asshole splashing the water to make it burn so you pay some germans to throw water too but then you realise it's not worth it so you go and buy a better tv that is easier to use and cheaper.