How often do you get dubs Sup Forums?

How often do you get dubs Sup Forums?

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Sorry, I meant now

I only get trips

every fucking time

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about once a month


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All the time

Sometimes, trips once, quads and qiunts are reserved for the mods only

Right now

I hate dubs.

Worst dubs thread ever


Until now

Not ever

>Until now
Meant now

Fuck it

This dubs thread is ridiculous omg
Let me show you

this often

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Step aside, peasants

These old things?

wtf is this thread lmao

There are no dubs in this thead


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This is how you dubby,
This is how you dubby.
All the dubbies love me,
All the dubbies love me.




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Check em

Bump for dubs


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Not often enough

Never gotten dubs feelsbad

based how often do you get dubs Sup Forums poster

the two numbers at the end are alike

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Whenever the mood strikes me.

its not dubs but the singles you get along the way

Check em


oh, what a pity, wrong position

fuck it