Im going to build a guillotine and kill myself

Im going to build a guillotine and kill myself

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My hobby is woodworking, let me know if you need any advice.

what would be the best method to have the blade drop down smoothly?

That would be a remarkably based way to do it. Make sure you take it to a public square and give everyone a good old fashioned thrill.

nigga its not 1790 anymore

Wheels on the blade carrier that ride in a channel in the uprights

Lace the blade with botulinum, just to be sure

Make sure you guillotine some rich folk first bro...

No need to build one, Obama bought 11,000 of these. They're in storage with hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins that hold 5 men each.
So much for the 1790's

Naw, run a few nigger bitches thru it...

Loosen your tinfoil hat there bud...

Post pics or fuck off

the last execution via guillotine was 1977

i aint flying from New Zealand to USA just to steal a guillotine

he said he was going to build one
not that he built one
It's a quick search fag, follow the money, look at the purchase orders dumb ads, plus BILLIONS of bullets ordered by him

you'd remember that year well, wouldn't you boomer?

Sounds like lots of effort when you could just jump off a tall building

Ok... dude...

You don't guillotine black people. You hang black people.

You guillotine rich people because, even though they are filthy rich and need to die, they are still people and death by a blade is honorable.

Kinda why Hitler used gas chambers... if you believe that.

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1977 is Gen X you damned idiot.

You'd remember that if you weren't a damned idiot.

cunt im 24

bloody kiwis mate i tell ya wot

Good for you, going with style, i like that.

baby boomers were alive in 1977

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Here in Texas, we drag our niggers!

Good show, old bean.


i didn't say he was born in that year you dumb nigger

remember that : once your head is chopped, you still see your head falling apart from your body, since your brain still have blood in it, it doesnt kill you instantly

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im looking forward to that part