Girls who 2

Girls who 2

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Op around?

OP around?

Yeah but there isn't more of her

this whore wife

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Is there more?

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This innocent-looking whore. If interest, I drop the webms.

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Just a whore. Her husband travel a lot in his work, and she just whore around I guess.

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where did you meet her, where do you meet up, does she talk shit about her hubby

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Her hubby is actually a buddy of mine. No she rarely talks about him at all.

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Do you have lewd pictures?


here is one

>a buddy of mine
and you're fucking his wife behind his back?

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And you wouldnt? His fault that his whore is offering her pussy.

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i wouldnt betray a friend

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You are a shit friend

>His fault that his whore is offering her pussy
Nice mental gymnastics, hope he finds out and murder-suicides you both

Things that never happened pt 2

Fiine, fuck you guys.

She has fake tits anyways that shit just ruins it

Any more?

yea, when I started fucking her she had real tits, then her hubby "upgraded" her

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she's swallowed thousands of my loads over the years...

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so much better... fake tits are the WORST

Good on you I'd bang her behind a mates back too

suck out every last drop

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Fake tits are awesome, fuck that guyKeep going plz user

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Any pics of her ass?

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beautiful. any nudes or her doing the deed?

plenty, I took a lot of pics while doing her

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Any pics of her getting fucked?

lost most of her pics, unfortunately

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Proceed looks good. I would say I wouldn't betray a friend, but none of my friends are married to a woman this hot kek

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Post your better nudes on this cord --

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what a shame. Pls post what you have. Cute bobs.

Hmmmm...who thinks was him..?!!

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good girl

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hope you finished on these tits too

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Any nudes?

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Please post more of her

Any nudes?

Good fucking lord it didn't start with Ella today.

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Asked me why my cum tasted so good and said "thank you" after I busted in her mouth.

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hope you cam on her glasses

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Pussy pic?

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Gorgeous MILF and the best cocksucker I got to experience, ever

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Any vids with her?

moar of her?


Does this mall have naptime?

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Short ones she sent me masturbating but shut quality

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Post some of them

Not in right format

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she’s cute, moar?

Post more of her

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