I can see it clearer with each day passing, soon

I can see it clearer with each day passing, soon.

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hate to say it, but I don’t see any scenario in which the Republicans don’t exonerate him

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This. The senate will never remove him.

Wow you're really persistent. The left can't even Photoshop, look at that shitty quality and effort.

We've known this, the media has known this, anyone who did any research into the impeachment process could see that's how it will go. This is nothing more than a media driven smear attempt before 2020 because Trump's killing it.

Fucking idiot. Probably voted for Hillary

Honestly if they had anything substantial they would go in. Its been damn near 4 years of throwing shit at the wall and nothing sticking. By this point they might as well wrap it up or risk handing 2020 over on a silver platter.

Well we didn't beat him in 2016 and we can't beat him in 2020 so lets try this. Fucking cucks.

Trump being hauled off in cuffs looks so natural. It's like hearing about a crime on the news, and then when they show the picture of the nigger who did it, you're like, "yep".

What world do you live in?
Nothing sticking? How many more people need to go to prison? ROFL

You're in denial. Will you kill yourself when it hits you?

Kek comrade. Say hi to vlad for me

Hmmmm...who thinks was him..?!!

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He is the Senate.

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>Trump's killing it
I wish everyone judged me by the same standards Trump's cult members judge him.

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Tell me. Who still standing?...I'll wait


both? kek. you tried.

The American public will find the Leigh Zodrow connection very compelling.

>because Trump's killing it.

Imagine spending 8 years setting up the next GOP president for unprecedented success only to have dipshit Americans elect a reality TV star. This impeachment is exactly what was going to happen all along.

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Not these Trumpsters

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Yeah, wouldn't that be nice?

>Get blackout drunk nearly every night of the week
Killin it, brah!
>Constantly drink and drive, but never had a DUI
You're untouchable. You're the fuckin man!
>Live on government handouts
You're really good at playing the system. I wish I was as smart as you.
>Have nothing to show for myself
Don't let anyone put you down, bro. They're just jealous CUCKS. They're just mad because you're making your life great again.