Dick R8 Thread

Dick R8 Thread

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Blue /10

How's mine?

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Have you tried FUCKING OFF?

Sissy cock

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nicely curved 4/10 (but take a better pic)

would suck and deepthroat 7/10

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I happen to love sissy cock..more?

Too hairy, and where are your balls bro?

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Thanks, I would let you deep throat..I am in need of a blowjob this fine day

Very nice...keep going

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no problem, and you're welcome

Ok you can stop now

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Kill yourself faggot

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Pls accept me dad

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rate guyz

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How long is it?

not long ... 15cm cca

Nice angle work, looks longer.

Never bothered to measure. Tooo this though for personal reference reasons

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Don’t listen to...
We love your plump, feminine cock. I wanna tie a little bow on it and make you cum with one finger.

You’re so pretty.


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I’m your tranny slave/10

bhaha ;) cute

Gotta be another tranny. Don’t you have another website to plague with your infestation? I bet you look as hideous