As someone who doesn't really follow politics and shit too closely is the Trump impeachment thing like actually...

As someone who doesn't really follow politics and shit too closely is the Trump impeachment thing like actually happening and shit or is it just people whistling dixie out their ass?

Like is the process beginning or whatever or is it like with Bush when people kept yelling and screaming for it but it never actually happened because he never actually did anything impeachable?

I keep seeing news about it...but I've been seeing it since November of 2016 and it still hasn't happened...
Someone help a retard out.

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It’s faggot libs, nothing is happening

Yep same song and dance with those beta cucks

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I am the OP, you are a fucking retard

Soooo a republican aide to Pence is a faggot lib? Interesting thought process you have there retard.

Its more like Clintons impeachment. Process has started, and the House is going to end up impeaching, but Senate is highly unlikely to convict and remove him.

The left has been screaming and pulling their hair put for 3.5 years trying to take trump down in any way possible.
They've failed over and over again. This is another step in a long line of failures.

They are holding hearings to determine whether the president did anything illegal in his administration's dealings with Ukraine. They are not looking at anything else (i.e. the Mueller report, emoluments, etc). When the hearings are over the House will vote on impeachment, which probably go through, then the Senate votes to convict the President, which won't happen with the Senate controlled by Republicans. Most likely outcome is impeachment but no Senate conviction, same thing that happened to Bill Clinton.

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It won't happen but they will go through the motions of it beginning, which is why you're hearing about it a lot now.

He isn't going to get impeached. Only retards believe so.

It is happening.
Republicans are in denial (big surprise there)

>Dubs Trips
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The Democrats have been desperate to get Trump out of office because he toppled the hand chosen successor to Obama. The stuff with Ukraine is pretty much politics as usual, with similar actions cited several times under the Obama amdin, Bush Admin, Clinton Admin, Reagan admin, Carter Admin, Ford get the point. But they've successfully weaponized politics as usual to push for a political theater "impeachment inquiry" that'll at best result in articles of impeachment being passed in the Democrat controlled U.S. House of Representatives, but ultimately voted down in the Republican controlled Senate.

The main reason for it is to inflict heavy enough damage on Trump's 2020 campaign that Democrats can etch out a electoral college victory for whoever their candidate ends up being.

This. The Dems control the House & will have zero problem passing impeachment, but the Rep Senate with acquit Trump of all charges. Everyone knows this. The ultimate goal is to get Trump softened up for 2020 in hopes the damage is enough for Dems to defeat him.

He's absolutely going to get impeached, but not removed from office.

Sounds like a failed endeavor to me.

a failed endeavor: multiple arrests, asset seizures and jail time for criminals.

Based truth-pilled. Also, Pelosi knew this all along and fought to postpone it and delay the screaming masses as long as possible so the process would continue into the elections and force doubt among the independents and moderates. The impeachment process will continue to the end but everyone knows there is only small chance that Trump will actually be removed from office. But again, removal from office through impeachment is not the point. Removal from office via election is the endgame.

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No way. I man, Trump is pretty much guaranteed to get reelected.

really? seems dems keep making up a lot of ground. im not american and only know the basics of how how the america political system works but it does appear that trump is losing support from moderates. sure his core base is strong and always will be but considering how close the election was for him winning in 2016 it does seem like he could be in trouble as he isnt gaining any new voters.

if it's a guarantee why aren't Trumpies betting their savings against it? safe bet huh?

The problem is the left is doubling down on the stuff that caused trump to win in the first place. They run a moderate they probably win they run a radical lefty you'll have 4 more years of trump.


agreed and this is the problem with Biden imho. the Dems biggest issue is they dont have anyone who "shines". Warren is going too extreme.

However even the few Trump voters I know are getting tired of Trumps bullshit. So while the Dems are not doing anything to improve their support with voters it seems perhaps Trump is doing enough to push them away from him?

when it comes down to it, they may be tired of trump, but if its between trump and warren, they certainly aren't voting for warren

I swear, the same person keeps remaking this thread.
>Duuuh, I dunno what is going on and I totally don't follow politics, but Dems are just desperate and Trump is gonna stay in amiriiiiiite boi?

They're not done jailing his associates just yet. Stone got convicted recently. SOMEONE is going to get fucked for this whole situation, and they can't pin this on any other scapegoats no matter how hard they try.

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its going nowhere
just Democrat abusing their power for opposition research

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You could turn on any major US television network if you have any real doubts as to whether it’s happening.

Funny, that’s exactly what trump is being impeached for.

>They run a moderate they probably win they run a radical lefty you'll have 4 more years of trump.

You got that backwards. "Moderates" (corporate backed hacks) will lose against Trump but a populist can win.

Projection much? Accuse others of which you are guilty of, right?

You got any evidence snowflake? The democrats dont seem to, lots of hearsay but no evidence as of yet.

Ok boomer.

dubs of truth

So what, look what happened in NY this year. Cuomo has 8 of his close partners in business and politics busted and sent to prison on corruption charges and he was never even asked to testify. It doesnt matter how many people get locked up or indicted.

trips of destiny.

Did you bet all your savings that Hillary would win?

He probably has committed technical crimes and will have to go through the impeachment process. He won’t actually be impeached because republican senators won’t vote independently. It’s a crap shoot if it will hurt or help him in the elections.

>no evidence reeeeeee
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The senate just needs the minimum excuse to remove. If it was a secret vote he would be gone.

Only thing keeping him in place is this thing called voters, but don't worry. Voters are being spanked metaphorically and literally until they stop being bad and voting the wrong way

Trump will be impeached but not convicted because the REpublicans will turn what is a simple abuse of power impeachment into a political battle about them being attacked for being themselves (criminals and conmen).

The lead Republican Representative Jim Jordan aided and abetted the sexual abuse of 200+ vulnerable students by a sexually deviant sports doctor Rep Jim Jordan worked with, which makes you realize how far this Epstein (did not kill himself!) thing goes

Until they start investigating the FISA warrants and Steele dossier after the impeachment hearings. When the tables turn on the DNC please try not to whine and cry too much libbie.

They made Trump have a heart attack. That's pretty neat. I'm just looking forward to see him in public post heart attack. Probably going to look smaller than Jimmy Carter.

>FISA warrants are approved by a three judge panel overseen by Republican Chief Justice John Roberts
good luck chum!

What's going to be funny is when Trump is elected but the Dems take the Senate with a super majority. Then Trump commits another crime (because let's face it that's what he's gonna do as long as he can) and becomes the first president to be impeached twice.

Not sure why you’re having such a hard time with this. Trump doesn’t really care about optics and does whatever he wants. Literally one man caused billions of dollars of change in global trade. So yeah I have no difficulty he tried to exert pressure on Ukraine in exchange for something. It’s a normal business practice. Something he’s probably done thousands of times as a private citizen. Unfortunately the rules are different when you’re potus. It’s not the end of the world but it’s a little silly to act like he’s the second coming of Jesus

Nah man, we just need to know who the whistleblower is right? Once we know who the Whistleblower is then we can forget any laws were ever broken.

>Trump doesn’t really care about optics and does whatever he wants.
really? he was going to ban vaping until he realized his supporters vape
>Literally one man caused billions of dollars of change in global trade
yes. for the worse. Trade deficit at all time high. US farmers going broke cuz tariffs. Federal deficit at all time high.

>I have no difficulty he tried to exert pressure on Ukraine in exchange for something
except its against the law to subvert US foreign policy for personal gain. so theres that.

House Majority is Democrats so Democrats will Impeach Trump
Senate Majority is Republican so Republicans will deny conviction, allowing Trump to stay in office until is term is up where he will then go onto being re-elected for 2020

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The dems killed themselves in the primary, free health care to illegal aliens and open boarders will make moderate voters stay home or go vote for trump.

Democrats shoot themselves in the foot everytime they say something about illegal immigrants getting anything free, Moderates hate illegals and will rather side with Trump and know how shit he is than allow Democrats to give their tax money to the illegals

Its a thing, you could get him on a few things from not divesting himself from personal buisness to ukranine call. But senate will let him off. Hopefully it will sink him as the first impeachment trial did

Or he didn't want to create a black market for the cartels to cater to; which happens everytime the feds ban something people like.
Farmers support his trade tariff's even if it hurt them economically, because they support America.
Deficit has been in play a long time longer than president Trump has been in office; just another tool cooperation's use to control our government and our citizen's. That won't ever change because congress is getting paid to keep us in a defecit. Anything else corrupt liberal? Using farmer's as a speaking point in one sentence and then complaining about the defecit in the next... seriously kys

Can you name one policy from one candidate that endorses open borders? Link, source, anything that isn't you just making shit up?

>because they support America
You have that backwards. Those farmers are being supported with taxpayer dollars because Trump fucked them so hard he has to or he'll lose their vote.

LOL so much triggered mental gymnastics.

you obviously have never actually spoken to a farmer.

i dont recall seeing anything about open borders and free healthcare to illegals?

could you link me to where they state that and not some third party?

It’s enough for a great smear campaign against them.

Farmers have been supported by the fed for centuries retard. America loves her farmers and the farmers love America.
Fuck off faggot; my streets still have tractors on them when they finish the workday rather then mexican caravans. Trump 2020

>Farmers support his trade tariff's even if it hurt them economically, because they support America.

i dont understand this. so farmers are happier being bailed out by tax payer money that could be used for infrastructure or other services than running a successful farm?

>open borders
thats a failed meme of TrumpTards. Not one democratic candidate has -as a policy in their platform- "open borders" Thats a scary term to fool gullible reactionaries.

so instead of an actual rational argument all you have is "hurrdurr" and insults. got it. Thanks for playing skippy

>Farmers have been supported by the fed for centuries
>"We can't feed anybody because Trump fucked us!"
>Better give them a billion dollars

thats not free healthcare, that is about whether or not illegals can pay into a government scheme such as the ACA.

They have said enough for political attack adds, they will have to come out right and say they are willing to deport illegal aliens. Because trumps going to hammer it.

For the record I didn’t and won’t vote trump (clearly I don’t vote democratic either).

farmers dont love trade wars, dont love instability in the markets, dont love gov't subsidy programs, dont love being a used as a political tool and dont love the govt telling them what they can and cannot grow.

have you ever actually met a farmer? cuz you seem really ignorant about the situation.

>wants universal healthcare
>wants illegal immigrants on said healthcare
No free health care for illegal immigrants.


You know the difference between me and you mate? I don't get paid to post here.
American workers don't need incentives to love America. Corrupt liberal piece of shit.

thats a good one!!! "mate"

Is English a problem in India? Grab a fucking dictionary.

yup Im in India. feelsgoodman.

found a picture of you tho on the interwebs

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