Original Jasiriposter here, AMA!, other Jasiriposters might join in, they might not

original Jasiriposter here, AMA!, other Jasiriposters might join in, they might not

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how does it feel knowing that she only wants big thick lion cock?

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stop spreading lies user, she also likes that yeen dicc

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Oh then why are there pictures of her doing this?

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obviously they are just drawings of her, its not the real thing, jasiri would never post them for the world to see

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"just drawings of her" please present an actual picture of her.....

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Well fuck me some yeen peen

I love you Jasiriposter

thanks for the support user, i love you too

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nonsense user, its platonic

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is it though?

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What do you do for fun on the weekends?

What makes you want to fuck this poor, innocent animal? Have you no shame?

post Jasiri and rest

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Have you ever stubbed your toe on some sort of chair or table? and follow up question, did you vomit from the pain?

yes!, Jasiri is all about that human dicc

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What would you do if Jasiri came up to you and told you she is going to peruse a doctorate in proctology?

how is she poor?
>innocent animal
so she is innocent and doesn't know about the circle of life?
>Have you no shame?
why should i be shameful

Show me a single picture of her taking some man meat over a huge slab of Kitty Cock!?!

stubbed my pinky just today, never vomited from pain though

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i would say good luck with your ass degree!

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Should I be afraid of the monster living under my bed snf id it normal for them to whisper about killing me when I fall asleep.

Nice Quads

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you were saying?
that's totally normal user, i'd suggest upping the dosage of your schizophrenia medication though
thanks user, lord kek truly shines upon us this day

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That's all the evidence that I need... but just to be safe you should probably post more.

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then Im join too, little souls

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Moar of these?

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hahaha fuck user, took me way too long to realize you stuck a peen on her, 10/10
its pretty cringy, so i suggest you don't
thanks for the help user, you're truly making Sup Forums better

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How many children have you molested? And how long do you think fapping to a cartoon animal will suppress your urges?

fapping to jasiri doesn't really surpress my urges, but the house arrest makes sure i never get close to a kid

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Report spambot threads.

>thinking the mods will actually give a shit

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Have you considered posting on a website where people actually care? Fuck even red dit has an r34 community.

you said it yesterday, and i said i prefer staying here, filter my md5s if you don't want to see me

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Would you deepthroat Jasiri's log of shit?

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If i bend over without wearing pants, how much do I need to worry about Jasiri coming up and eating out my asshole or sucking my cock from between my legs?


she will discuss it beforehand with you, she won't just gobble your dick up without approval

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I didn't say shit yesterday, I normally ignore these spam threads but I'm tired of seeing them now.

I understand the only thing that gets you off is children's cartoons, but seriously you don't have to tell everyone about it 20 times a day on the same non related board. Find a community that actually wants to hear it.

All I am hearing is someone needs Jasiri porn.

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Sorry bud. Not into bestiality.

>children cartoons
no, the personality of a character that is in that cartoon, and as i said, the mods don't see this as a problem, this is part of what i'm trying to show, if you find this annoying, get 4chanx and filter the mds, as i said earlier, cause this is not my problem

thats really hot
how is that related to bestiality, do you know what bestiality means?

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It's a drawing of a fucking dog or whatever the fuck it is. I'd at least somewhat understand if it was a cartoon human.

Do you ever step back and wonder how wound up spending so much time obsessing over kids cartoons? Does it make you feel somewhat ashamed, or have you got over that stage already and just accepted it?

hyena, they aren't related to dogs
and beauty is in the eye of the beholder
i don't obsess over it, the only place i post her is here, and i do it for several reasons, not because i'm sperging over her, but feel free to think otherwise, angry people don't really listen

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All of you are faggots. Way more than normal.

i don't like men, so no i'm not a faggot

The eye of the beholder is the overweight middle aged man animating it. You should fap to pictures of him really.


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Do you think Jasiri likes BBC?

she likes all cocks, she doesn't judge

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