who can find all her video's that got reposted on multiple pornsites
Who can find and name the girl

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Curzon street if im not mistaken to bad its in london to big to find this lil whore . The guy who taped her shouldve followed her home

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Damn. She just showing everything

Love how CLOSE he was filming at the end me I would put my finger in that gap

How could they be so oblivious to being followed around the place like that?

Maybe they like it or maybe she just knows there’s not much she can do about it.

Just total ignorant thats why shes easy

I would say in my experience the vast majority of women have never been taught to stand up for themselves. They literally have no idea how to just turn around and say "no" or "stop please"

It's how a lot of "rapes" happen - they dont want to have sex, say nothing, the guy doesn't know, and then they later claim it was rape.

It's kinda sad really. I'm happy my gf is fiery, kinda sucks when she's pissed at me... but she doesn't hold back when guys are creepy either. I've seen her chew some out publicly right in front of me.

In London? If the person video taping is brown then if she said anything her life would be ruined, and you know I'm right, also shes kind of asking for people to stare wearing those

brown? you mean a FUCKING NIGGERRRRR? -

Love how grey leggings just show everything

NOT HER Please help find more info on this girl

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Dont think it was a Brown if it was she woud have been raped after the candid clip

Fuck that woud feel so good

this is better than op garbage. also op is a pathetically desperate fag.


so they just stalked her and she didnt notice, huh?

These 2 are even better but that not the point lets find OP s whore




nice good job you found it!



Thats the short version

pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dab120a230b0 LONGER VERSION

How do you keep cool? I had this problem in the past with gfs and even with girls Im dating out. I dont like other guys being creepy with my women, but I know is inevitable. Of course if they go over the line Im calling them out and I had even go to the fists because of that. But im not riskying my ass over a few looks. SO when the woman is the one calling them out over shit I would let pass, I really dont know what to do.

This channel is also so good like wow

Honestly it bothered me a lot more when we were first dating. We've been together 6 years now, I guess I just learned to live with the fact that being with an attractive woman means she's constantly hit on. She's korean, like 9/10. So yeah, take a guess how often that happens.

I've literally had guys come up in a club/venue/bar/etc while we're making out or I have my hand on her ass and try to hit on her, it's annoying.

But I guess after enough time I just stopped caring. I figure if she cheated on me, I'll just leave and fuck other women (I'm white, fit, got money, etc. no issues) and if she doesn't cheat then I don't mind just letting her handle it. Like I said, she's fiery so most of the time the guys just get put-off by it and walk away. The only time I get involved is if the guy is insistent or he starts calling her names or harassing her or some shit. Then I basically just stand my ground, tell him to apologize and walk off, it usually works. Most guys were just looking for pussy, not a fight.

Or this

Please some help on OPs teen I want to know her instagram

awesome find. you got it. how did you track it down?


this is good too. did we find what op was looking for yet?

We need her INSTAGRAM