What the fuck happened to my doll? I got it yesterday and woke up this morning and it had this air bubble at the neck...

What the fuck happened to my doll? I got it yesterday and woke up this morning and it had this air bubble at the neck. Can I fix this?

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That's a cum bubble. Poke it with a needle

your fuckdoll has a goiter

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dolls have pimples too?!?!
Shit is getting realistic!

It's full and needs to be emptied

Hmm looks like it could be serious...I’d rush her to the emergency room asap bro.

My guess is that it is the result of the material off gassing within the internal spinal cavity. You could probably lance it with a very thin needle, but... That's some pretty shady shit, tbh.

I'm not getting a good impression of AF Doll rough your order. I recommend hitching as hard as possible to Silver Doll and at least getting some compensation for getting a shitty doll with a screwed up order.

I haven't been able to fuck it yet as I have no lube. I was going to try a needle as a last resort but was worried it would cause the skin to start tearing

Dr Dollfucker: I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your doll has doll-cancer, there is no cure.

It's cancer. You should have that looked at to make sure it's not malignant.

What doll?

sorry OP
its cancer

god dammit hive mind Sup Forumsros beat me to it

She is pregnant now, user. Face your responsabilities.

Fucking kek OP ordered a doll with neck cancer. Did they charge you extra for it?

Sorry no returns on fucked dolls

you gave your doll an STD. you are the loserest fucker in the universe

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i hope you at least have a life insurance policy on her in case things take a turn for the worst

Actually the clothing mixup was mentioned in fine print of the product that they are out of the black clothing. The mouth hole is there it just needed a slight cut to get it open.

Af uma doll from silverdoll

put it in rice

I'm pretty sure thats not where babys come from

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you dont have a girlfriend thats what happened :D


classic case of spine spunk

That's what happens when you fuck your bitches tracheostomy too deeply, stupid fuck.



you might be able to work it towards the neck and release the gas through there without putting a hole in it....

You gave your doll AIDS you sick fuck

poor construction
might be able to get a refund or replacement
if not use a pin on the bulge so the air can escape

Take doll to Dr Pimple Popper.

Winar winar

That episode would be a legendary ratings bonanza, OP. Call them and see if you can make some bank.

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Your cancer is so fucking contagious that it spread to your doll and gave it a tumor. Take it to an oncologist and get a biopsy.

Youve managed to give a sex doll aids

Actual doll user here.
Based on what I'm seeing you are probably at a high elevation. I'm assuming that that was from a small air pocket trapped in the material, which expanded with the lower pressure from the altitude increase. Since it's at a spot on the doll that wont be handled excessively I think lancing it with a thin needle will be fine. A small pin hole should not effect anything too much. Just be careful when moving her neck and shoulders.

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Ocampa fuckdoll; its mitral sac is developing.

Its a sebaceous cyst.

You must take her to the doctor.

Yeah I'm in Denver so I assume the altitude had something to do with it. Contacted the vendor just in case they have other suggestions

Post more pics of the doll , tits , asshole, pussy .


this. post em

How funny, I'm also in Denver.

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denver was the us city with the highest jobless rate and the least perspective right? would explain dolls

nice, do you think it's worth it?

You clearly know nothing about the U.S.

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It's terminal. She has six to twelve months to live.

oh right, that was detroit.

denver just sucks

At work and don't have them

That's disturbing

Denver and it's metro areas have a huge amount of tech jobs, of which I have one

And a doll, and no real sex life.

I used to live in Denver and I will say the locals are impossible to deal with in any form of socialization. They also love these number stickers that say native(inbred). If I wasn't going to college and in the art department pussy would have been nowhere to be seen.

Denver was recently ranked the worst city to be single in, gotta cope somehow

> They also love these number stickers that say native(inbred).
what is that?

She is developing a hunch back due to a spinal defect. She needs a back surgeon.

It's a tumor

I do, I got my first doll two years ago, it's been a positive experience for me. I've save a ton of money of dateing, and thot magic has lost it's effect on me. My dolls have inspired me to be more creative than I had been in years. Not to mention having cute girls waiting for me at home. So I can acknowledge that dolls are not for everyone, but they have made me happy consistently since I got one. This is the most happily I've probably have ever been.

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agreed....I was north of Denver and left 15 years ago when everything went to shit

Denver has grown to nearly four times it's population in the past trn years, so a lot of people born in colorado have a bumper sticker that resembles a CO license plate which says Native. Just to signify that they are native to CO. It's kind of a dumb tribalism thing. I'll admit I think this city has grown too fast for it's own good, and a lot of people that have moved here aren't easy to get along with. IE: the kind of people who assume native coloradans are inbred.

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Yes, it all started going to shit about 15 years ago.

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It's pregnant

You must be able to find one decent human female. I find the alternative hard to believe

God... Of course doll user would appear to the rescue. Don't mind me mate. Not laughing at you or anything just at the perfect composition of the whole situation. Cheers bud!

Lol. Your doll is used, second hand and full of factory workers cum. Probably STD-ridden.

I assume you're Dollguy, right? Any way I could contact you to get in the discord again?
I'll send you my real ID if you'd be so kind through DM

Dollguy is the one with the DH145s with elf ears.

Yeah probably, whenever I go on dates I never feel like going on another with that person though.

I expected those responses considering they were the first thing to pop into my mind when I saw it as well

dollguy is the blowmold poster lol

I'm not actually dollguy, we're friends though.
That's also not dollguy.

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im sorry user but she got cancer

Say's I can't message you because we don't share any servers or I was blocked

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Kind of hard to keep track, he's usually the most active poster though.
Discord flagged the account anyway, stupid phone verification shit.

Hold up, I'll try to get a nr

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Got this one activated:

Might need to add as friend first, before being able to DM

You want to try to suck the air out with a syringe.
Poking a hole and trying to push the air out will cause the hole to get tore up.

Oh fuck synthroid for life nigger!. Maybe if you lucky it is a carbuncle.

You two have to get together. Post pics. Also, checked.

>>Denver and it's metro areas have a huge amount of tech jobs, of which I have one

That explains the whole thing then.

You're not suppose to fuck the neck you retard

i would like to buy a piper doll one but complete with outfit of my choosing. no one offers that, right? like anime character X

That’s unfortunate, the fact that you woke up

So when do you plan on committing your first mass shooting?

get a refund you faggot

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Looks like a cyst. Pop it and make sure you get the sac out or it will just keep coming back

Better question is what happened to you?

If I lacked access to a syringe, I'd use a fine needle to make the hole, but not push the air out. Depending on how thick the surface of the bubble is, the tension of the material might push the air out slowly. It might take days or even weeks, but the pressure wants to equalize.

>I haven't been able to fuck it yet as I have no lube.
Has spend hundreds if not thousands on a fuckdoll.... yet has no lube. Ok pal.

Where do you get those flat chested dolls?

I just forgot to order it, gets here today

Affect, it's affect not effect you moron.

What a good thread


It absorbed what little dignity you had left