First fictional character you jerked off to

First fictional character you jerked off to

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This bitch, without a doubt.

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i see you are also a man of fine taste

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12 year old me just wasn't ready for those sweet tits and tight ass.

Old school Adult Swim rocked.

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who she

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I mainly fapped to girls I knew at school/college, didn't really start on fictional until later than most of you by the look of things.

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Shit taste. Orihime is far superior.

Oh hey, you must be the guy who wrote pic related

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Rangiku > all Bleach thots, but Rukia > Orihime

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The Mowgli/Kaa scene. I didn't even know WHY I fapped to it. I just masturbated.

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Nah just someone who was around during the Sup Forums shitstorm whenever best girl won Ichigo at the ending of Bleach.

To this day there are still seething Rukiafags that make threads to bash the ending couples.

>continuing with bleach after aizen

FernGully was a trip.

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Probably the chick from gurran lagan

Hail for the mouse!

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In retrospect, this was probably a really early sign that I like strong, confident women.

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Second. Followed closely by Daphne.

Which is where my fetishes for nerdy girls, redheads and bondage came from.

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Orihime was my first but it was quickly followed with Rangiku. What a trash anime though

Forgot to contribute pic

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literally only good for the female characters

Anyone else?

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My girlfriend


Betty and Veronica. God damn, Archie should have been balls deep with both of them.

...and wealth. Pleased to meet you.

Same bro

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I remember the uncensored stuff being on tv


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drawn together was truly Sup Forums's show

What girl did you guys prefer ?

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You posted her

The tights she wore were pale skin colored so for the longest time I thought she wasn't wearing anything on her legs. The anime does everything it can to keep you from ever seeing up her skirt and yet she flaunts her butt to the world on her sky flyer thing so unless you happen to spot the 1 or 2 frames in the whole anime, you had no idea what she had on under her skirt. The ULTIMATE cock tease for me at the time.

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Me and my friend jerked off on this card together at a sleep over lol

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The only time I wanted to bang a tard

Did you know Britney Spears's IQ is 80?

Can’t believe Jenny hasn’t come up yet

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Man I wanted to fuck her so bad too

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Lol me and some friends always dreamed about getting her pregnant

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only bc she was a mouseketeer when the disney execs were experimenting with aural sex

I remember this

Yeeeaaahh... That one for sure

many Faps to Jules

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Am I the only?

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I always wondered if that really happened

good old days... fapping with friends we had so much fun


Anyone else ?

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No all the time

Legit almost got caught once

first fap was to a busty bitch stuffed into a skimpy latex outfit in a comic
wish i could find an image but pretty sure you guys get the idea

My dad found my psp with tons of futa, giantess, and breast expansion porn. When he confronted me all I could do was laugh

oh, fish!

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Man that sucks

my first one was some picture of a vampire looking girl I found in a drawer in my old house


tenchi muyo was great for that ayylmao harem fap material

Nah, it was fine. I’m not ashamed of fapping to that. It’s just fantasy

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Bondage fairies ages ago. Its probably where I have some of my fetishes from... its bad but could be worse.

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>>all I could do was laugh
>dad, you're such a fag, lookin' at all that gay porn

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I always wanted to milk her as a kid

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Speaking of that what characters would you guys most wanted to milk back in the day?

She wasn't my first, but she was a consistent target

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also this was one of my earliest boners as well.


By far most fapped too

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Penny Gadget. I was around 10 years old, so it made sense at the time.

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fuck yes

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Faye Valentine. Cowboy Bebop. Excellent Anime.

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