Hail Satan

Hail Satan

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you excited for 9th grade to start next year?



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That's Baphomet. He's a demon but he's a neutral entity that represents enlightenment on one's own terms.

I'll wager most people wearing a pentagram would fail to live up to representing it. You people don't even know or understand who Satan is. Again, I ask: Could you bring yourself to sacrifice life to him? And not just any life, but the life of the person who is closest to your heart? It's one thing to sacrifice someone you don't know. It's a whole other thing to sacrifice someone who you feel is a part of you. If anything showed dedication to the cause, it would be figuratively cutting out a piece of your own heart. Satan knows loyalty to no man. And, in service to such a cause, having loyalties and loving attachment is a setback and a liability. Even Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son, whom he loved, to prove that his love for God and his dedication to the cause was greater. Of course, the God of Heaven wouldn't actually ask such a thing of you whereas Satan might. It would be proof of where your heart is. Even Christ said "He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. He that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." You wouldn't know what it meant to actually serve Satan. You haven't the heart nor the guts. But, you and I aren't describing the same Satan, are we. No. You are talking about the "LaVeyan Model". You've no clue what you're talking about.

lmao Satanism is honestly so easy.
>Be Eve
>That fruit sure looks good
>Serpent thing says I can eat it
>Suddenly Satanist

>ITT Temple vs. Church.

Belial demonolator.

yall crasy

I've recently started studying Satanism and have a question. Why do Satanists use the goat imagery so much? You've got goat heads on your statues and depictions of goats in your artwork. I thought goats were a muslim fetish?

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She didn't "become a Satanist". Are you dense? She and Adam still acted in service to God. They just received a punishment for their actions. They were placed under the curse of death. Clearly what God was saying to them was not that they would die the moment they eat of the fruit, but that they would be cursed to die. Which they were. The darkness of the whole event is that Satan didn't lift a finger to kill mankind. He convinced Man to kill himself by turning their back on God. "Satan only killed a handful of people in the Bible!" WRONG. Since he was the one who indirectly caused the curse of death to be placed on Man, he is responsible for the death of every man, woman and child who has ever lived. His body count increases every time a man draws his last breath. He's effectively been the cause of death for all mankind.

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One of my main points is in asking "What is the benefit to teaching Man evil?" Man already knew good. Satan taught Man evil though. And to what end? What positive results have been yielded from our knowledge of evil? The money system Man created to separate us into classes of people? The system that KEEPS men poor and oppressed while some sit at the top, untouchable? The system that has made criminals out of us all? Think about how different the world would be if money did not exist. Whores on the street sell their body. And for what? MONEY. People can actually hire someone to kill another human being for the right price. People embarrass themselves, abandon their morals, all sorts of ugly shit for money. You take money out of the equation, a great deal of evil will leave the world. But that is only one part of it. Again though, to what end were we taught evil? What good can come from evil? Satan said "Ye shall be as gods." gods? We were already immortal from creation. Satan not only gave us death, but also a means to get there and spread it by everything evil has taught us.

such an unoriginal comment

Stop asking yourself questions and I won't think that you're a caveman.

You're gay, so does that make you a Satanist?

AHS Season 8 was awesome. Can't wait for it to actually happen

It felt out of place to aim that particular comment in some anons direction. It was more of an addition to an earlier point. But again, it would have been out of place to direct it somewhere it didn't belong.

Repeating and pedantic.

people are still messing with the "i'm a satanist" shit huh? isn't it a bit tired?

Buddy my sexuality is something. I'm mostly straight but I confess some homosexual thoughts. If I were a Devil worshiper I wouldn't run around showing it off. I'd do my business secretly like the rest of them do. It's like all the signs and symbols you see. They are showing you, but only some will understand. You see Egyptian symbolism and you think "Huh. Nifty". It doesn't even register to you and it means nothing. Hell they show you so much you begin to adopt the symbols yourself. Kanyes gay self throws up a pyramid and the whole crowd does it back without putting a seconds thought into what it represents. The ignorant masses THINKING they know things when they know absolutely nothing. Whats more is that you've been convinced that the spiritual world doesn't exist. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for you to understand things rooted in that reality. Signs, symbols, you reject all of it because you've been told relentlessly that it doesn't exist and that it's not real. Christians are not the only spiritual people in the world. There are Pagans that think atheism is clown shit because they know full well the spiritual world is there.

Lol, you Satanists are just atheists LARPing as the occult.

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