Loli thread?

Loli thread?

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Fuck off back to the other thread you degenerate faggot

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Why don't you just kill yourself instead?

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Since the last thread is past image limit asking this here.
To any retards who say "hurr durr 2D only" what do you think the word "lolicon" means? It sure as fuck doesn't mean "just drawing", you retard

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You seem upset user, that is not healthy

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This is the preferable action right here pedo degenerate. Stop wasting your life posting shit that you and the same 7 anons post all fucking day and just make a bleach smoothie.

Preferable to what? I am just fine where I am user.

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What's not healthy is your obsession with pictures of little girls you autistic sperglord. Serious about you killing yourself. Do it and help all of us normal people out.

But little girls are so cute, how can I but like them.
Normal people don't even exist, why should I appease them.

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>looking at loli art makes you a pedo

Because someone who continuously clicks on a thread full of content they despise is not obsessed.

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ok roastie