My wife sent me this picture after a meaningless fight. She's a pseduo radical feminist...

My wife sent me this picture after a meaningless fight. She's a pseduo radical feminist, like the ones you see on Twitter, Reddit and shit. I'm gutted and hurt. Should I text her back saying, sorry and I still love her. What would ya do if you were me?

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>pseduo radical feminist
so shes a fake feminist? please explain.

more than likely she was right and you were a cunt who couldnt admit he was wrong.

I’m with this guy. You sound like a typical twat.

Message her back saying “lol, I’ll make sure to pound you so hard the next time we have sex that you’ll revert back to being my little slut bitch just like how you always were.”

I’ve found that feminists are the type that love to be dominated and humiliated by men in bed.

"Yup, that's right. Have dinner on the table when I get home."

“Who the fuck told you to think woman?”

>She's a pseduo radical feminist
yer ego got hurt user? awww

she's reducing your personality to your gender. go fuck her hard and leave her, or you'll end up in an abusive relationship

context? what was the fight about?

Yes she is totally fake like the ones without any substance or facts. I could easily demolish her arguments with facts under 10 seconds but I don't. I'm more like someone who keeps to himself and doesn't argue and she's someone quite belligerent.

Pick you battles.
The best answer is to not fight.
But if you are right, stand your ground unless you are proven wrong.
Any sign of weakness shown to a woman lessens your value as a man in her eyes.
>Pro tip
Always have an out in a relationship. Asses your wins and losses because if it ever comes to a break up/divorce make sure you are willing to take the hit.

It was supposed to be a healthy debate on confederate monuments and statues. She calls confederacy an institution of slavery, whilst I strongly believe it's part of our culture, heritage and sacrifice and must be cherished and preserved.

It seems, I've clearly pissed her off, she slammed the door hard and left the house.

Lmao, you don't even understand what the picture means. She's calling you a little pussy for getting gutted and hurt. Whatever you decide to do, don't make it about how butthurt you are.

Don't be a cuck dickhead

Just find the stock image and remake the picture with "Female ego" and "You're fat.".
Do we have to do everything for you?

why are you dating?

I'm married to her you retard.

>she has no substance or facts
it's really hot when radfems have those, fuck I'm hard already.

Looks like you made a mistake in marrying her.

My condolences.

punch her. just keep punching her. don't stop.

I think shes calling you a pussy or you take shit way way too personally, and most likely frequently.
Example: Instead of admitting you are wrong at a thing you hide behind lies

>She's calling you a little pussy for getting gutted and hurt.

It's a classic shit test. My first wife used to do them all of the time. Unfortunately I didn't know how to handle them then and they continuously got worse until we divorced.

Since this is literally a manliness test, you cannot apologize nor can you reason with it. After all, saying you have a delicate ego is not an argument for or against statues. You must be the pillar of rationality and cannot show it hurts your feelings. Cool, sarcastic detachment is the best response.

Send back the reaction meme "If those are the facts, how do you explain my feelings?"

Edit women over men, send it back, see reaction

Ghost her. Block her phone number. Chicks can't stand that. I can go for days without talking to a piece of pussy who isn't going to fuck with me until she's sick of arguing anyway.

"did you just assume my gender?"

Immature but would be fucking hilarious

pretty retarded of you to marry a cunt, and to ask advice from /b, and to come off like such a little bitch.

she is being sexist. you should call her out. if she dumps you, then she was worthless.

rape her, obvs

Kek this
Reap the rewards of your cuckoldry faggot

This. If you're actually married, don't talk to her aside from one word responses. Engage with other material, and enjoy it. You have to consider that it's highly probable that marriage only worked in the past because of material scarcity. With the current glut of all things, we're forced to confront the fact that women need to be trained from birth like dogs. They're highly impressionable, and letting them spend 20 years in an environment where they're constantly receiving attention, rewarded for precociousness, and kept safe from consequences of vile behaviour and physical weakness, leaves you with a sack of noxious meat that wants your attention, but quietly despises you for giving it, and out of boredom would like to see how far it can push you before you beat it up. It has no lose conditions anymore. If you beat the fuck out of it for being a horrible cunt, the state will house it, treat its wounds, take your money to compensate it and give it a comfortable pension and training and easy ins to a public union-protected position. Try the ignoring. The only thing that truly harms them these days is denying stimulation, and even then, if she reevaluates her wants, she might just seek it elsewhere.

Sad truth

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your wife sounds stupid. you should find a smarter one who's a real feminist that will demolish your 'facts' about feminism and expose you for the dipshit you are. which won't happen, because smart people are generally only attracted to each other.


Too late, he's already there.

Better yet, edit over with "all your future plans" and "divorce papers".

lol what kind of fucking idiot marries a feminist? Have fun losing all your shit because she wants to act like a child.

Damn woman shut up


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pretty much this lol OP is worse than a cuck



Lmao, look at the amount of comments, now look at the amount of posters, looks like this thread triggered some roastietards to samefag.
Btw op, you're a cuck, also you said have a wife, so you're presumably 30+, and you're asking this Leddit shithole for how you should deal with your shitty marriage? You're hopeless, end yourself.

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Sounds like my life.

First off, we have to know what the argument was about?

Can't you fucking read retard?

Its simple, treat her like you would an ignorant child. Every time she says some stupid, woke, or empowered bullshit just stay unphased. Smile, laugh maybe drop a demeaning "that's cute baby" and don't say anything about the topic after that, she will try to pull you back in just don't take the bait. These types of women can't handle being treated like this they will seeth with rage after you do this enough until eventually they breakdown, that's when you have won. After that the stupid shit stops and if it resurfaces you know what to do.

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Ask her if she thinks words are gonna hurt the balloon. Then just call her a retard before she gets the chance to respond.

this is the best course of action

Man even anonymously you’re a limped wristed bitch

Hug it out, hug her tightly, very very tightly, you'll know you're doing it right when you hear a pop and the screeching stops

Ignore it, because she's just being a typical dumbass woman.

I didn't see it in the title

what you need to do after a fight is rape her to reassure her that you're dominant

it sounds like you hate your wife. you're going to end up sucking cocks whilst she fucks big black cocks if you nip it in the bud now, and divorce.

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Alter the photo, changing the "male ego" label to "Our Marriage," and the "literally anything" label to "Your attitude" or "Your message." Then send it back to her.

>tips fedora

Stop being afraid to hurt her feelings and return her feelings of passion towards the subject. In her perspective if you don't follow through with the argument then you're just a sheep. Actually explain your viewpoint and do your best to understand hers at the same time. It doesn't matter if your viewpoints are radically different or if she doesn't use facts. Appeal to her feelings as much as you can. Arguments aren't always about facts by the way.

>She calls confederacy an institution of slavery
it was, that's why they started the war.
>whilst I strongly believe it's part of our culture, heritage and sacrifice and must be cherished and preserved
It should, but not in monuments and statues, they're inherently used for celebration. It's why we don't see statues of hitler, castro, or kaczynski while they're a part of our history. I'm not one to judge and I'm not saying your wrong but if you want to celebrate the confederacy then you are a racist, or at the very least indifferent to it. Which would be why she'd be mad, it's like a betrayal to her ideology. She's probably more upset with herself for dating you.

Like others have said, you should probably just end it because you're way too different. Good luck OP.


I do not understand why men put pussy on such a high pedestal that they're willing to put up with such childish passive aggressiveness, let alone put up with it enough to actually marry the girl.




If that's what you were willing to settle for then you kind of deserve it, OP. At the same time, no, you shouldn't just apologize in a limp effort to keep the peace. You should've established boundaries so that meaningless fights? Don't happen. Or if they still do? She's not in your life any longer.

Divorce her.

Rape in the pooper



I would leave her on read lol

leave her you absolute retard

Imagine sending a meme to your significant other during a fight. Did you marry a 12 year old?

The confederacy was about slavery, but it was mostly to do with states' rights which is harder to discern at face value.

When the states that would eventually form the confederacy were still "happy" with the union, they were interested in making sure that new states added to said union were slave states.


Because abolitionists threatened to create a majority out of wholecloth and then ban the institution of slavery that way -- after all newly added slave states would have no vested interest in keeping the institution of slavery.

Now most people at this point go, "Well so what? Slavery was evil. It was immoral. It should've been done away with anyway!"

And yes, that is correct. However the way abolitionists were going about it was opportunistic and shitty -- pales in comparison to slavery itself, granted, but that, ironically is beside the point.

Because you see, if abolitionists can just add new states to force the minority to comply with their wishes... what stops them from doing just that to get compliance on other things?

Well, nothing, of course.

What you have to understand is that even in the deep, confederate, south, most white folks? They didn't own slaves. What interest would some slaveless white boy have to go fight a war to keep the institution of slavery in place? Just for the sake of it?

*Newly added free states