This is Ed

This is Ed

This is Where Ed Lives

Dubs decides what happens to Ed

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give ed a gf

Ed sells land rights to a chemical waste disposal Corp

Ed tells Ed of the vile Ed's plot to assassinate Ed prompting Ed to have Ed executed for treason

Kill Ed



dubba dubs winrar

Ed is a bigger.

Ed finds big tiddy femanon with a benis in the woods and brings her home

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ed watched epstein not kill himself

ed got his house broken into by niggers


Ed goes onto Sup Forums

Ed has to steal the declaration of independence

Ed takes a dump in the river

Ed finds $3,000,000

Ed fucking dies

Ed gets a gf

Ed finds jonnys sunglasses.

Ed moves to LA

Ed gets buttfucked by an ice dragon

t. Roger a muirebe

ed shits his pants and accidentally acquires a scat fetish

Ed witnesses the return of Harambe

jasiri pops up

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Ed realizes his trees look like dicks

thanks for the roll user

gonna roll one more

last roll before i go

Why even make this thread if you’re not going to do what dubs commands? Op is a faggot as usual
If dubs, Ed suck starts a shotgun/thread

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Rekt op

damnit, off by one from satanic trips, one last roll it is

roll for 7777?

Ed's hut gets surrounded by sandniggers who open corner shops and curry houses.


lots of analingus

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Eds head explodes

Ed gets suicided by Hillary clinton

Ed's penis grows so big that it collapse on its own weight and creates a black hole


ed gets dubs

Ed gets a quarter and buys a jawbreaker

reroll!! fuck me


re roll

Ed digs up THE REAL golden tablets left by god and starts mormonism pt 2. He launches a crusade against the false teachings of Joseph Smith, returning to his home with the magic underwear of every single heathen.

One reroll for Native American Jesus

Ed cums in River and create a new yellow race


Ed finds a good and loyal friend.


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Ed gets a blonde trap GF

ed finds a female ed and starts a family

Ed dies from choking on his own cum after sucking himself off.

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the yellow people start a colony on the other side of the river and start a religion of ed

ed becomes blonde trap

i could really use a titty right now

Ed becomes his own gf

Ed uses shotgun to enslave yellow ppl

well he created a race of people by cumming in a river ed is a god he can do whatever he wants

> Brings back the dead
> Cum spawns life on it's own
> Is their own girlfriend

Confirmed . Ed is god, and we are the yellow people.

Ed posts a thread on Sup Forums about a stick figure named De who is controlled by other Sup Forums users.

Harambe tells ed that to resurect him he needs to kill 2 hundreds prostitutes

Ed cuts of foreskin

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Yellow people separate to colonise different areas.

ed and his yellow people get split into 2 congressional discticts

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Ed creates an army out of the yellow guys


Ed decided he wanted a larger dick

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reroll also:


Ed fucks Harambee creating a mean samsquatch

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His dick falls right off

Ed accidentally paralyises his trap GF and now she has to use harambe as a wheelchair.

Ed likes to piss inthe water



Reroll, she's paralysed because his massive dick crushes her vertebra after an immense anal fucking.

Yeah his dick falls off and floats down stream for one of the yellow guys to catch it

ISIS shows up

damn son

Ed and his trap girlfriend have an argument over how the latter won't put out for ed anymore because of the last incident.
This makes them separate to either side of the world. This creates religious differences between the four colonies.
On the right is the religion of "Sex is Sacred" ( Ed's ex-gf team) and on the right is the religion of "Just put-out, faggot".

Rolling and sex colony worships harambe while other worships samsquatch

Ed should be raped by a bear.


Fuck you Jasiri should be dead.

what is up with all this furry shit

He becomes a Neo-Nazi and starts killing Jews